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Announcing the Penguin Magic Mentorship Program

July 14th, 2009.

A mentor is more than just a teacher. Part guide, part leader, a mentor provides the direction that a student needs to reach the next level of their development.

The Penguin Magic Mentorship Program is designed to help kick-start your own experience of being a mentor.

How do I start?

The first step is to decide who you want to mentor and to discuss their interest in learning magic. You may also want to discuss how often you'll meet to discuss magic.

Next, fill out this form about why you want to mentor, and why this individual in particular.

To help you kick start your mentoring, include your student's mailing address, and we'll send them a free copy of The Greatest Beginners Magic DVD Ever to get the party started right!

What is the value of a mentor?

Ask any of the most successful people in the world (business, sports, arts) and every single one will tell you about a mentor they had at least one point in their careers. Whether the mentor is a parent, coach, consultant or a leader in their field, mentors provide tremendous support and perspective in the development process.

Why BE a mentor?

Teaching is rewarding, of course, but it is also extremely educational. To be able to teach the things that have made you the performer you are forces you to think critically about your own thoughts. To verbalize the thoughts in your head, to show the path you took and to recommend places to start is tremendously valuable both for you and your student.

Who can be a mentor?

Anyone! Being a mentor is not reserved exclusively for the world-class experts in a field. As long as you have the desire to teach and a passion for magic, there are beginners who would love to get your help.

Who would I mentor?

Look around you. Do you see anyone in your life who shows "the spark" when you perform a trick? At Penguin we call it being "born to perform." Do you have friend who could benefit from all that magic has to offer? Building confidence, learning to speak in public, learning to practice, interacting with others? Sounds like a good start, but chances are you already have someone in mind if you're reading this!

Some of our favorite superstars

  • The Google Guys
    • Sergey Brin: Father and grandfather were mathematicians
    • Larry Page: BOTH parents were computer science teachers
  • Tiger Woods: Father was a college athlete, then soldier and coached his son in golf from the age of 3.
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