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The Top Change by Magic Christian (Hardcover) The most underrated sleight in card magic finally gets a book worthy of its power. A master-class even top card pros are raving about. LIMITED FIRST PRINTING. ORDER TODAY.
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"I had the privilege this week of reading Magic Christian’s new book, The Top Change – The Monarch of Card Sleights. This manuscript is a scholarly work on an extraordinary card move. He covers dozens of variations and techniques, and this book is destined to become the definitive work on this subject. I highly recommend the book and can say after reading it; I am a better magician." - Allan Ackerman

"Magic Christian’s knowledge of the Top Change is incredible. He left no stone unturned, and I particularly appreciated the amount of history he shared about the move. This is a masterclass on the Top Change." - Ryan Schlutz

"An incredible resource on a move that too many of us magicians could do and understand better. This book helps greatly with that in a very entertaining way." - Jon Armstrong

"I love the top change, and now almost everything I've ever wanted to know about it is contained within this book. Thanks, Christian, for a fantastic resource!" - Chad Long

"In order to advance in magic, we have to be broad and we have to be deep. Broad, in the sense of innovating, looking back in our history and going further in the future, deep, in the sense of looking at a specific topic, and then explore it, looking at it from all sides, discovering its beauty and complexity.

In this book Magic Christian does just that. In a way only few of us can, he takes one of the five big operational concepts of card magic, the Top Change, and creates a monograph that broadens our horizons and encourages us to study other topics in a similar way. For this we must thank the author. You can do this by buying this book, which has my highest recommendation."
- Roberto Giobbi

"Christian shares rare insights from Hofzinzer and other past masters and provides a wealth of historical perspective. He offers his own detailed technical analysis of the sleight and a surprising number of variations and effects using them. Magic Christian's new book on the Top Change is a graduate course on one of card magic's most direct and powerful techniques and a guide that could make anyone a better magician." - Michael Weber

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Incredible education on an essential sleight Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 28th, 2018
I’ve studied various resources on the Top Change over the years, but never felt a strong command over the move.

Christian’s book not only covers the basics and history of the Top Change, but lots of variations and advanced versions, the Bottom Change, and more. It also has an extensive bibliography.

The book is well-written and has plenty of large, clear photos to learn from.

I have no doubt that this will be considered THE definitive work on this fundamental sleight. Right along with a great double lift, a great Top Change should be in everyone’s arsenal. Christian’s book will certainly help you reach that goal.
7 of 7 magicians found this helpful.
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The top Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 24th, 2018
The book begins at a very basic level but quickly moves to more interesting material. At first I thought it to be standard stuff. Then I started reading the logic, psychology and everything else started falling in place. By the time I'd finished I was nailed. Exceptional material.

I have no doubt I will use the substance and fabric of this book in my future endeavors. Definitely worth the money.

As a note, I contracted rocky mountain spotted tick fever while I had the book and could not make sense of much. The book was an exception. I could absorb much without effort.
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Outstanding Contribution Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 18th, 2018
If I had to choose one technique in all of Card Magic to save my life it would by the Top Change. This is the only technique that terrified me as a young boy reading The Royal Road. After studying with Slydini, I began to understand who to cover this technique and be deceptive in my execution.
To the audience, nothing has happened.
This book by Magic Christian is so important it must be studied by all students of Card Magic. There is no Sleight on this subject that will generate the atomising reaction that a well executed Top Change can generate.
Magic Christian’s Book is THE book that will change the game on this particular subject.
My favourite routines are The Changeling, Everybody’s Card, and Everywhere and Nowhere.
These routine have taken on a new lease of life as a result of this new publication♦️.
This investment is worthwhile, highly recommended.
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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The Key Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2018
Over the years, I have attempted - albeit unsuccessfully - to learn the top change. Magic Christian’s careful analysis and description now has me well on my way. His research, study, and experience shines through in The Top Change. The move will still require practice, study, and rehearsal. The book’s editing and production are top notch - exactly what we have come to expect from Hermetic Press.
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An instant favorite in my magic library Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 20th, 2018
The amount of knowledge in this book is awesome. The decades of dedication that Magic Christian has put in this work is fantastic, collecting the tips and approach of masters like Vernon and Hofzinser. I see a lot of magicians and practitioners going for very cool and fancy sleights and often enough we forget to put the effort in the basics moves that can create real miracles. We forget that our spectators doesn't realize how fancy the move was, in fact, they shouldn't even see a move if we manage their attention well enough.
It's great to practice all kinds of sleights and see referents in Youtube, but it's even more important (at least to me) to master the sleights that has built the magic that we know and enjoy today.
Do yourself a favor, get this book, study it and you will find yourself with a powerful weapon for your card magic and also a refreshing new approach to magic, like Ben Earl says, "Less is More"
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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