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Spontaneous Combustion by Jay Sankey
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It's been thousands of years since humans first learned to make fire and yet there's still something about fire that's dramatic, exciting and even a little frightening.

And when you combine fire with an unexpected appearance, revelation, transformation or vanish, you have the kind of wildly visual magic that really hits people on a gut level.

Spontaneous Combustion features all of Jay's most popular effects with flash paper including:

THE PHOENIX EFFECT - A spectator's own initials vanish in a burst of fire and reappear on the back of a thought of card! Magic + mentalism + fire = COMPLETE INSANITY!

WHOLEHEARTED - The PERFECT effect to perform for women! You tear a paper heart in half, vanish one half in flash of fire and then have the heart appear, completely restored IN THE SPECTATOR'S HAND!

FIREFLY - A CRAZY VISUAL two coin transposition with a borrowed and marked coin!

MELTDOWN - A piece of tissue paper initialed by the spectator visibly melts down through the top of a coffee cup! Easy to do too!

SIGNED, SINGED & DELIVERED - A true "Sankey classic." Two initialed pieces of paper change places under the fairest possible conditions! And when we say you 'end clean,' we mean SQUEEKY CLEAN! Featuring an inspired structure and stunning visuals!

BLAZE OF GLORY - The signed card appears in a ball of fire. (Try beating that!) Jay also shares a brand new handling for this memorable routine!

On this groundbreaking DVD Jay also shares the secrets behind some super magical new effects including THE PLAYING CARD REVELATION, HOLE IN ONE, T+R NAPKIN and MORE!

  • Astound people with Jay's most famous flash paper effects!
  • Plus learn brand new outstanding routines!
  • Magic for ALL SKILL LEVELS!
  • Fire is REAL MAGIC!
Add the MAGIC OF FIRE to your performances today!



Running Time Approximately 1hr 13min

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Heh, Heh, Heh . . . Fire, Fire! Heh. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
For all the pyromaniacs out there, this is the DVD for you! Over the years, I've seen several different effects on Jay's DVDs that used flash paper, and I've always thought it would be cool to have them all in one place as a reference.

Well I dream no more. It's here. Jay covers everything from how to carry flash paper with you, different theories on when and why to use it to making clear how dangerous it can be. He then overloads your senses with tons of killer ideas and effects you can do with flash paper.

* Draw a bunch of playing cards on a piece of paper; light it, and all the playing cards vanish except the selected card.
* Draw a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper; light it, and all the numbers vanish except the thought of number.
* Torn and restored heart with a killer presentaion
* Transposition of signatures
* Transposition of coins
* The Pheonix effect!!!! - This one alone is worth the price. A signature vanishes from one card and reappears on a thought of card in a flash of fire.

There are tons of visual effects and ideas on this DVD. And of course as is normal with Sankey DVDs, it opens your mind and gets you thinking of other ideas. I've actually talked to Jay about this, and it's one of his goals when producing a DVD; more than just teaching you some effects, but truly inspiring you to come up with your own effects. You'll definitely get this out of Spontaneous Combustion. GEM!
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Jay's done it again Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 26th, 2014
Jay has never failed to dissapoint me, but this DVD is particularly great. Every trick is extremely easy to do, and I get amazing reactions from every one. Good Job Jay!
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amazing! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
like the guy before me said if you're a pyro then this is the DVD for you! This has some of the coolest effects you can do with flash paper they are easy to perform and packs a punch when you perform them if you don't already know a lot of effects with flash paper then this will be perfect for you and is great for people who do have flash paper effects as well.
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