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Russian Roulette - Eric James & Alan Rorrison (DVD) 3 styrofoam cups, 1 very sharp nail...choose wisely!
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Warning: This effect is extremely dangerous and can result in severe injury. Do not try this at home.

Warning from Penguin Magic Head Magician Jay Noblezada:

I DO NOT want any magicians performing this routine. If you want to purchase this DVD for educational purposes... by all means do so. However, it is my personal, heartfelt opinion that this DVD is NOT good. The routine is unsafe, and the information presented is misleading. There is no possible way that one could be safe performing this routine. In the DVD, Eric James states that you shouldn't perform this effect until you are 110% confident and secure in executing it. None of the methods described in the DVD are accident-proof, so how could you ever be sure? The more confident you get, the more careless you get. And I would hate to see any one of you ruin your hands and future at the expense of a careless mistake. I've been doing magic for over 10 years, and I still make mistakes. Even the top pros do, and many would agree with me that sometimes our minds go blank, we get sidetracked, or "Murphy's Law" just is (what can go wrong will go wrong). I've even seen David Copperfield make minor mistakes on stage. It's going to happen! So until there is a more surefire way to do "Russian Roulette", I DO NOT recommend this DVD." -- Noblezada

Imagine a trick that is as powerful and exciting for the performer as it is for the spectators. An effect that truly never gets boring. An effect that adds drama and suspense to any act. Imagine an effect that can be done anywhere, anytime. An effect that can stand alone as a routine by itself.

No longer do you need to imagine. It is here and it's called Russian Roulette.

The Rundown:
So at this point you might be asking yourself: "Are these guys insane? Does this use a real gun with live rounds?"

No. This effect is the magician'ss version of the Russian roulette. It uses no guns at all. In fact it uses just the most basic of props: 3 Styrofoam cups and a big scary nail. (Other "safe" methods are taught where there is no need for a nail or any dangerous item)

The Performance
The Magician presents 3 cups and a very sharp nail. He tells the spectator that he may choose any of the 3 cups to put over the nail, and once the nail is covered he should mix the cups around so there is no way for the Magician to know where the nail might be. This happens as the Magician's back is turned.

Now, the Magician turns back around and proceeds to dramatically play "Russian roulette" smashing each cup as hard as he can. With each cup the danger grows, one mistake and he'll have a nail right through his hand. With a twist ending, the Magician ends up safe and unharmed having chosen the correct cup.

Running Time Approximately 16min

WARNING: This effect is extremely dangerous

Manufacturer Says

This effect is extremely dangerous and, for that reason, should not be purchased or performed by anyone below the age of 18.

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 8 of 8)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Do not buy this Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2013
I was ripped off for this dvd.... the information given is not the information i gave to the supplier... i do not recommend buying.... at all... steer clear...
Did this review help you?
VERY emotional effect Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 15th, 2013
I just can't give this 5 stars - it's too much for me. There's just no way to truly be 100% sure with the method presented because the only way to know for sure is to SEE the spike - and there's a cup over it! :)

The effect is exactly as you think. The explanation is very fast but thorough. I love that the DVD is only about 15 minutes long - doesn't waste your time and gives you plenty of info that you need to do the effect. Worth 30 bucks? Eh...if you are going to perform it, then probably so. I won't - it's the ONE trick I can't see myself performing. (Strange, considering all the other crazy things I've done!)
Did this review help you?
Russian Roulette Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 17th, 2009
I used the foam cup idea and stepped it up 100%!!!!! It is 100 times more safe, and super easy. I don't put any marks, heck, I don't even touch the cups. I make it appear that I'm muscle reading and I use 5 cups instead of 3. The cups aren't gimmicked, I buy 32 oz size cups from wall greens for a couple bucks. The spectator mixes the cups up after each cup smashed. If you are interested in MY TECHNIQUE, then email me at
Did this review help you?
not bad,pretty happy! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 4th, 2008
It is a good trick to do when you are eating out in a restraunt, with your friends or family.

However, it is just a trick, you do not really read their minds. It will work every time.
Did this review help you?
Russian Roulette Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 8th, 2008
I just received and watched this today. It was short like others have said, and slightly pricey for it's length, but you do get multiple methods and performances. I think overall this is a great buy for any magician wanting a great suspenseful effect. 5/5
Did this review help you?
Fantastic! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 16th, 2006
This is something I highly recommended for anyone serious about performing and wants to kick-up their routine a notch. Really Fantastic!
Did this review help you?
Great DVD Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2006
Although the DVD is short, the trick is great. I've used it many times and the audience loves it. Everyone is in suspense during the whole routine. I wish the DVD was a lot more expensive to keep others from buying it.
Did this review help you?
Russian Roulette DO NOT BUY Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 23rd, 2006
this is one of the most overpriced pieces of magic I have ever purchased. The method is super simple and could be taught in 5 seconds. The effect can get good reactions when performed right. This should have been an instant download for 5.95 lasting 5-6 minutes. Don't waste your money!
Did this review help you?

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