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War of the World's Book Test by Alexander Black and Troy Cherry Based on H. G. Wells' original War of the Worlds!
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This professionally made book test is designed to surpass all of the book tests that Black's Magic Group have made thus far in terms of functionality and utility. It is another recognizable classic book that can adore your book shelves and sit innocently in plain sight to be used to create a magical mind reading effect that will leave people gasping in disbelief.

Imagine this: you pick up The War of the Worlds and hand it out to be examined. You have an audience member thumb through the pages, tell you how many are in the book, and perhaps even hand it out to others to look out too as you explain that one of the moral dilemmas of having the ability to read minds is that you simply "know too much" about people. But rather than reading her mind directly, you've found it is safer to just have her read a book and then project it to you.

She freely chooses a page; she is not a stooge or confederate of any kind. As she begins to read the first paragraph, you begin to receive what she is sending you. You break out a piece of paper and start to draw something. Then you reveal a few letters, then a word, then a few words, then a paragraph. As she continues to read you continue to "see" what she sees and reveal it to her and an astonished crowd. You can use this book without any setup and it instantly resets. While magicians have been told for years and years to never repeat a "trick" you can do so with The War of the Worlds right away without any fear of being discovered.

What's more, there are no cribs; no complicated anagrams; no mirrors; and no electronics. If you have one of our other book tests then you do not need to be convinced of the quality of our work; The War of the Worlds is no exception to this rule. This is EASY to learn and easy to perform! You'll love this book test.

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A great book test Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 12th, 2009
I recently purchased another book test that was much more expensive and required the use of an instant stooge, so I was a little skeptical when I picked this up. Boy, was I wrong! This is a great book test! Before I read the instructions, I thumbed through the book to see if I could catch the gaff (thinking if I could, so could a spectator). It took me about 5 minutes of seriously trying to finally catch what I was looking for, and even then it was only the tip of the iceberg! And who's going to let a spectator stare at the book that long?

Basically, you have them pick a page and they can read the first or last paragraph on that page and you can describe to them details of what they are reading. And then it can instantly be repeated on another page with very little fear of detection (if you control it correctly, there's NO chance of detection). The writing is genuinely from the real book, and the system you will have to learn to make this happen is the key. Don't get me wrong, you are looking at about 20 minutes to get it all down fairly good, so there is some work involved on your part. If you're willing to put forth the effort though, this is the one to use. It can stand fairly close scrutiny from the casual observer and it presents huge.
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Pretty good Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
This is a pretty good book test. There are a number of different presentational ideas you can do with this. You can divine a word, a sentence, or draw a picture that matches a paragraph that the spectator is reading. The spectator has a free choice of the page, and you will still be able to divine whatever you like. The great part about this book test is that the book can be BRIEFLY examined (any longer than that, than the spectator might catch on). But with a quick glance and a riffle through the pages, everything appears legit and ordinary. The reason why I gave it only four stars instead of five is that there is a little bit of memorization involved.
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