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Silverado by Curtis Kam (DVD) Cards flew and coins changed hands, but it all stopped when sheriff Curtis Kam walked in.
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It was summer 2002 and the West was filled with brawls, bordellos and treachery. A motley crew of would-be train robbers packed a local saloon (strangely resembling the IBM convention) and called themselves "magicians". Cards flew and coins changed hands, but it all stopped when sheriff Curtis Kam walked in. They could tell he was a professional who did miracles. But before they could thank him, he and the money were gone. Here's what they saw:

  • Through and Through -- Folks back East call this a "Karate Coin", you'll call it a coin that just won't stay put. It comes out through the bottom of your pocket, passes up through your fingers, then down through your left hand, up through the right, then gets lost inside, honest! Finally, it pops out STUCK ON YOUR FINGER! You pull it right off, and then stick it back on real slow!! You try to put it away, but it keeps on slipping through your pockets! Finally, you leave it for the buzzards to pick at. Experienced hands will realize that you're reset, and back in the saddle again.
  • Triple Alliance -- A newfangled, ground breaking Copper/Silver/Brass routine with a triple transposition climax, without the usual gaff, and none of that "If the silver is here, then what's in my hand" nonsense. This is magic, not a gol-darned guessin' game!
  • 4 Co Pro and Super 4 Co Pro -- Marshall Reed McClintock stepped up to defend the town with the scariest production of four silver dollars ever seen. The first version is his original handling from "Knucklebusters" and it's enough to clear the room. The "Super" is the top-secret improved handling that he didn't tip in the book because it's just too darn good. Learn to do either of these and you can ride with me anytime.
  • Inverted Matrix A four-coin gaffless reverse matrix that has things no other reverse ever had. It works on any surface, has the world's easiest retention pass, employs a new pickup move that shows both sides of the card, AND, you hardly ever touch the coins, so sleight-of-hand seems impossible.
  • Copper Silver Bent -- The cleanest version of the classic transposition ever seen. Your hands start palm up and empty. You don't just repeat the trick, you top it by having the spectator unwittingly bend the silver coin in their own hand! For tablehoppers, there's no lapping, sleeving, or sneaky trips to your pockets. Warning for tenderfoots and greenhorns- You have to backclip a coin-but don't cry mama. It's just one, and thanks to the gaff, it's 98% angle-proof.
  • Sandwich Move-a-thon -- Even a rootin'-tootin' funslinger has to do a card trick every now and again. This is the six-phase routine to keep in your back pocket for times when your shootin' irons are too hot. Six tasty sandwich effects all done up pretty so they flow like a river. Do all six, and you'll ride out of town a card-handling legend. Or stop at one, two, or three if the crowd gets ugly. Combines the work of Earl Nelson, Robert Walker, David Solomon, John Carney, Martin Nash, Harry Lorayne, Derek Dingle and Larry Jennings into a relentless feast that you can pick up and take with you. It's not just a trick, it's a whole act!

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 6 of 6)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
lets see... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 29th, 2008
the routines on this dvd are hard! its not bad, just know its just for magicians with more than fundamental skills in coin magic. but with some practice, you can get most of the stuff.

the routines themselves are great.

i gave it 4 start because curtis teaches a bit fast, and that he take it for granted you are a pro in coin magic with moves that aren't that know, that he explains with little detail.

I know im going to get the rest of palms of steel
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For coin experts Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 27th, 2014
This is a brilliant DVD featuring great manipulations and illusions with coins.

A fair warning, a lot of practice is needed to perform these wonderful feats of magic...This is NOT for the BEGINNER!! You seriously need knowledge in coin magic before attempting these.

Reason for 4 stars: most of the tricks performed use American coins, with the occasional copper coin used as well. his gives an indirect message that all tricks work ONLY with American coins.

However, a good advice for everyone to know and apply: wherever you are in the world, if your country manufactures coins, or if your country has ever had coins with similar sizes and features of the American coins, then by all means go ahead and practice and perform with them.
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Impressive for both lay people and magicians Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 2nd, 2014
It's not easy to find routines that will thoroughly impress both lay people and magicians.

It's just rare to find DVDs where EVERY routine is a worker.

Enter the Palms of Steel series. Yes, the routines are not easy. But thankfully, as a student of sleight of hand, you aren't only attracted to "self working", "learn in minutes" and "right out of the box" tricks! ....Right? :)

Come in with a fair foundation. If you work up these pieces, I guarantee that you (and your audience) will not be disappointed!

As to the sandwich marathon, I was honestly surprised that some find it boring. Curtis has given you a complete card act with a wonderfully commercial and unified theme with a completely unprepared deck of cards. Sometimes, your audience does not want a series of different tricks, so its great to have a unified set that flows perfectly. It involves the audience, the phases build and it's completely modular.

Highly recommended :)
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Palms of steel says it all Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
Like its predecessors Palms of Steel 3 contains brutal coin magic. These are all challenging and require an advanced level of coin skill. If you have it though there are some brilliant routines. Copper / Silver Bent and Through and Through are the highlights. Through and Through makes the perfect walk around routine. The Sandwich moveathon is boring and the first time I watched i dozed off. Maybe performing it would be different. Overall I really like this dvd just like the other palms of steel dvds
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curtis rocks Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
If you ever want to see a great coin magician in action, I suggest you go here. Everything is filmed live and looks good. Plus he's pretty funny. I think it was awesome too how he included a 20 minute sandwhich routine. It's kind of boring but just the effort made me go crazy! He is such a good performer. The karate coin, and copper silver bent routine made this DVD worth it. His matrix was really good too
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Great coin DVD Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 3rd, 2010
I got this DVD as a result of the Choose Five. Without it, I wouldn't have known it even existed, and I would be missing a great gem. This DVD, while admittedly NOT for beginners, is also not inaccessible. For me at least, this DVD has given me something to strive for, and allowed me to practice more advanced moves. Additionally, the two or three routines that I finally mastered I use frequently, getting great reactions. Matrix is great, baffling to the layperson, and is expanded past the classic version with a second phase. 4 co pro is just an amazing opener. After learning through and through, if you aren't a better coin magician, there is something wrong with you. Yes, at times Kam does say "And now you execute [insert move]" and moves on, but those are few and far between. Overall, if you are looking to improve your coin magic, but this DVD.
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