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SandMaster� Footbag
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This footbag comes with the World Footbag Association's highest recommendation!

The SandMaster® footbag comes highly recommended by the World Footbag Association because of it's superior quality and ability to perform for all levels of play.

The SandMaster® has 14 panels that keep it round and is made of a soft yet tough synthetic suede. It is stitched very tightly ensuring sand retention and durability during play.

The FootBag or "Hacky sack" is a small, round bag usually filled with either plastic pellets, sand (dirt), or metal ball bearings. Modern Footbags tend to be more loosely filled allowing for better stalling and handling.

There are a few ways to have fun using a Footbag:

"Net" plays much like Volleyball where players will rally the Footbag (bump, set, splike) and volley it from side to side.

"Freestyle" play is generally done solo. Players set up combinations of kicks and stalls to achieve a variety of tricks.

"Circle Kicking" is the most common and popular type of Footbag play where a group of players form a circle and pass the Footbag around while performing tricks.

Whether you're a serious player of just playing around, Footbag play is a great way to have fun, get in shape and build hand/foot communication.

Weight: 58-60 grams
Diameter: 2"

What You Get

Please note that colors will vary. Feel free to contact us if you would like to request a specific color combination or to find out what colors are currently available.

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