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"Reconstruction blew me away. The ending is a moment of REAL MAGIC. This is Sankey at his absolute best."
-Richard Sanders

"Reconstruction elevates one of the simplest effects in card magic to showpiece status."
-David Acer

"Reconstruction is going to be one of the best-selling tricks in 2009. No question about it."
-Alex Chan

"I've never sat in the front row at a lecture before and I'm VERY HAPPY I did because I got a chance to experience Jay's performance of 'Reconstruction' just like a real spectator and it was a thing of beauty. Yes it's crazy simple, but that's actually what makes it so AMAZING. I've been doing card tricks for 6 years now and Jay still 'got me' with the change of the indexes at the end. I work on the NY transit system and almost every day I show someone Reconstruction and every single time it blows them AWAY!"
-Mike Johnson

"After seeing Jay's handlings and playing with the gimmicks, I fell in love! A million ideas came to mind. If you are looking for something fresh, this is for you!"
-Mike Skutt

"I can't wait to buy RECONSTRUCTION!! A magician friend who went to a lecture of yours showed me the trick. All I can say is WOW. He had me fooled the whole way, and then the end blew my mind. GREAT effect!"
-Jason Nix

"It's so powerful because it's so simple!"
-Rod Denton

"Yes, like everybody is saying, Reconstruction is very commercial, easy and practical. But it's also a lot of FUN. Being so far ahead of the audience is fantastic!"
-Blake Frantz

"If you only add one new card trick to you repertoire this year, make it Reconstruction."-David S. "A one move magic monster!"
-Gary J.

"Reconstruction is going to be HUGE. The next Cardtoon!"
-Walten B.

"Jay Sankey's Reconstruction is one of the simpliest and easiest card tricks anyone has released in a while. It's also one of the very best!"
-Martin P.

"I have had some of the most crazy reactions of my life with this effect! The first time i preformed this effect the spectator looked like I was peeling off a portal into her brain!-Richard Smith "Reconstruction is a definite closer and is destined to be a new Sankey classic. My audiences are still picking their jaws up off the floor. They couldn't stop examining the card when I was done."
-Mike Reynolds

"RECONSTRUCTION is one of Jay's best tricks yet. It is an ingenous idea with an even simpler handling. I was preforming this for my friends the other day and one of them flipped out, and I don't just mean like "Oh my god, how did you do that." The reaction was: *gasp* HOLY COW, STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND" and they fell out of there chair they were so amazed. Jay you've done it again!"
-Chris Lovell

"You're so far ahead from the very beginning with this trick that you can really concentrate on presentation! Kick-ass ending when the corners are exposed!! Extremely visual!"
-Don Podlas

"I think that Reconstruction will be a new Sankey classic. It is up there with Paperclipped. It is just that good."
-Todd Goldman

"When Jay performed Reconstruction at the lecture it's one of the very few times I've heard a room full of magicians gasp out loud."
-Tyler G.

  • Extremely easy and SUPER magical!
  • The spectator really can touch ANY card!
  • Includes 100 specially printed, die-cut gimmicks + detailed, printed instructions. This effect is SO EASY, you will learn it in just a few minutes!

RECONSTRUCTION comes complete with 100 specially printed, die-cut gimmicks written instructions

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