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The Envelope Game by Matt Mello (Instant Download) An extremely realistic demonstration of subliminal suggestion!
Price: $4.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

Effect: The performer shows two envelopes, one with a question mark, and one that's blank…each suggestive in its own way. A spectator is asked to touch one, and is then given the chance to change their decision, bearing in mind some new information. You then let them in on your 'subliminal' suggestion, and allow them to switch envelopes should they wish, now that they can see your supposed "influence". No matter what they decide to do...you always win!

The subliminal secret you learn and teach is SO cool...and a second subtlety at the end creates the illusion that you use subliminal influence ALL THE TIME! Utilized correctly, The Envelope Game will strengthen your reputation, and make you very believable as a thought manipulator!

Sadly, due to the main subtlety used here, this effect will only work in English!

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Cool ideas, but doesn't stand on its own... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 25th, 2012
This is a 'bank night' routine using two envelopes (i.e. no matter which envelope your spectator chooses, they will open it up to find that they have lost). So what's the problem? You never actually open the other envelope to prove it is the winning envelope. Instead, the manuscript goes through some psychological subtleties which supposedly leave your spectator not caring that you do not show the contents of the remaining envelope. I'm not a fan of this. No matter how well it's executed, most people will demand to see that the remaining envelope contains money. The psychological subtleties are cool, but you really need to supplement this with another 'bank night' method which allows you to open the remaining envelope and reveal the money (see Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries, or perhaps Blank Night by John Archer).
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The Envelope Game by Matt Mello Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 24th, 2012
It's OK. Should be half price or contain 3 more effects on the download.
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2 small envelopes, one cool effect. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 26th, 2012
Let me say I have done this over 100 times and never had anyone question what was in the "other" envelope. What you say and how you say it are of a great importance in this effect. What you are getting in an incredibly subtle way of using 2 envelopes to produce an effect that looks like real psychology at play. This is mischievous in its nature and is better suited using it in a routine based of subliminal or psychology based influence type tricks. I use this one daily and I give it my highest recommendation.
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