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The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Volume 3
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This is your chance to watch one of magic's most off-beat entertainers perform thirteen of his "bread and butter" routines for a live audience. And because the effects are presented in groups of two and three rather than individually, this is also a unique opportunity to learn from the overall flow of a live Sankey performance! Sit back, grab a pack of cards, order a pizza and get ready for the time of your life. Welcome to the delightfully magical world of Jay Sankey.

The Very Best of Jay Sankey Volume Three Contains:

  • Collect Me Not A "collector's routine" with an unbelievable ending!
  • Fiery Reunion An extremely clean torn and restored match!
  • Ouch! A Band-Aid visually appears on a signed card!
  • Parallel Worlds Truly, a card trick for the "X-Files."
  • Fly By Night Three staples travel from one card to another!
  • Slipstream Cards pass through each other like water!
  • Leaving Home Jay's very popular key and string routine!
  • Ship in a Bottle Bring a drawing on a playing card to LIFE!
  • Magnet Card There is no escape from the "magnet card!"
  • Slick Splits One of the easiest and most visual coin productions ever!
  • Mr. Clean Coins Across The killer "new age" handling that started it all!
  • Card to Pocket Jay's been wowing real people with this for over 20 years!
  • @#X! Jay's folded card in paperclip is considered to be a modern classic!

Laugh, be amazed, and best of all learn fascinating sleight-of-hand techniques like Vernon's Substitute Transfer, the Revolution Count, the Two-Way Toss, the Erdnase Color Change, the Topper Move, the Tenkai Pinch, the Tent Vanish, the One-Hand Top Palm and the Mercury Card Fold!

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Best of the series! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
I got this set at a magic convention, and even after having over 50 of Sankey's DVDs, this is still a welcome addition to my collection.


If you don't have ANY Sankey material, this is probably THE best introduction to his work that you could ask for. Pick this up RIGHT now if you don't have Sankey material; however, if you do, keep reading.

Keep in mind, there is going to be SOME overlap you will notice IF you have a lot of other Sankey products (as it is a GREATEST hits, culled from all of his material). However, there are still redeeming qualities about this set that makes it a good deal.

This is the third volume of the AMAZING set. I LOVE this one more than the other two, and THEY are great. That's saying something! Below are the best things on this DVD.

-Fiery Reunion:

I have seen this before on other DVDs, but never for a live audience (albeit L&L). You really get to see the flow, and this is a GREAT, practical effect.


This is SUCH a visual thing. Even though I knew EXACTLY how it worked, it still fooled me the first time. GREAT effect.


This fooled the CRAP out of me the first time I saw it. This is a SUPER clever effect that isn't hard to do. This effect REALLY blurs the line between material and immaterial and reality.

-@#X! (Paperclipped):

Yeah, this is really what sells this DVD. Other DVDs cost 25 dollars to just LEARN this effect. Learn it in detail HERE for NOT that much more.

-Leaving Home:

Another effect that sells separately for 20 bucks but is on here for 30 bucks and TONS of other effects.

Those are the highlights of volume three, but I mean, ALL of these items are fantastic, usable tricks.

The thing that REALLY makes this set worth the money you pay for it however is the format. You get to see Sankey, virtually uncut, doing all of his signature tricks. This really allows you to feel a "Sankey" show without having to see him live. This is invaluable to the Sankey fan.

HIGHLY recommended!
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? Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 11th, 2004
This DVD is the absolute best product on Penguin Magic. What I don't understand is why people are buying REV. Coin magic instead of this. I watched both DVDs. Revolutionary magic is more advanced and costs 10 more dollars. All in all this is the best DVD out there. Mr. Clean coins across rules.
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Awesome Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 9th, 2003
This DVD is great because Jay first shows you all the tricks for an audience showing you the awesome flow and humor of a Sankey performance. My favorite tricks are Paperclipped, Card to Pocket, Ouch!, and Mr.Clean to name a few. Just click add to cart you'll love it.
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This DVD is GREAT Magic! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 28th, 2003
The VERY BET of Jay Sanke #3 is a great DVD. The DVD has a few different sections. There is a performance section where we see Jay actually perform his tricks to a studio audience. The performances are very entertaining with effects from “ho-hum” (Firey Reunion) to “Oh My GOD HOW’D this happen!!!!” The tricks are mainly card tricks, some are
impromptu; some require a little setup. There is a Ring/Key and string trick, “Leaving Home,” which is great and fun to do as much as it is fun to watch.. There are two coin tricks. One (Coin split) is ok, the Mr. Clean Coins Across is a great trick...This trick will take some practice and is probably the hardest trick to learn, but it is do-able.
Jay does mention this in the next section of the DVD. The Explanations. In the explanatory section Jay goes through and describes each trick slowly and shows step by step how they are done. There are even times when there are multiple camera angels on the screen so you can see what is happening at any angle. Jay also goes into WHY he does certain things for his trick, which is nice. There are a couple of times when a sleight that is needed for a card trick is not explained a lot. “Culling” I think is the only one. But this trick was explained on an earlier DVD (1 or 2) there is a brief camera shot of the action though, so you can figure it out by watching. Of the tricks contained on this CD, 2 are sold as individual items: “Leaving home” and “Paperclipped.” (under the name of @#X! on the DVD). These two tricks would cost the price of the DVD and there are nearly a dozen more outstanding tricks. I give this DVD one of my highest recommendations 5 of 5 stars.
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Very Best? Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2004
I just watched this DVD, and i must admit I did not like it very much...Jay Sankey is a great teacher, he explains really really clearly, and the angles of the camera and stuffs during the explanatino were great...
There are a few cool tricks in the DVD, but I do not think it's a "great" DVD...and no offence, but I think Jay's jokes are quite lame and the guy in the front row in the DVD 'seems' to be a stooge..
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