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Prohibition 2.0 by Charlie Justice and Jeff Pierce (2 DVD Set + Gimmick)
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"Nice job with the production, and a terrific effect... The penetration looks perfect – and it fooled the hell out of me."- David Regal

"It blew me away. I had no idea how that darn cap went in that bottle. Great method." -Dean Dill

"If you like wonderful, startling magic done with borrowed articles that looks super clean, Prohibition is for you! A bent cap penetrates the bottom of a capped beer bottle in a striking, visual way and everything is immediately handed out for examination. There is nothing to find! This video not only gives you every performing detail, but a scad of other ideas as well. I love doing it in the spectator's hands! Nothing is left to chance. Finally, you can watch Prohibition being performed live to see the kind of reactions it really gets. I highly - very highly - recommend this effect!” -Richard Osterlind

"There are two ways to push a bottle cap into a bottle through the base: Prohibition or Real Magic. Prohibition is probably easier and more fun; I don't know which one looks cleaner." -Jon Allen

"If it were real magic, I don't think it can look better than this." -Joe Turner, Reviewer, Genii Magazine

"This is the best trick I've seen this year." -Mark Leveridge, Editor Magicseen

"Without question it is an eye-popping effect."- Matt Field, Editor, The Magic Circular

"I just finished viewing the Prohibition DVD, all I can say is WOW! That is the best, most clever, real worker bottle penetration I have ever seen." -Carl Andrews

Imagine being able to...

Openly, instantly and visually penetrate a sealed bottle with a cap and immediately show your hand empty!
Well imagine no more! With Prohibition you’ll be able to do this with:

  • No preparation to the bottle.

  • The bottle can be any color or transparency.

  • The bottle and cap may be borrowed.

  • Everything is completely examinable before and after the effect.

  • As close to special FX as you can get... LIVE

Charlie Justice and Jeff Pierce Magic are relaunching their hit DVD "Prohibition: The Ultimate Cap in Bottle Effect". Since its initial release in 2006, Prohibition has been a best seller and allows magicians around the world to perform the cap in bottle effect seemingly impromptu! No longer needed is the setup time involved with other cap in bottle effects. Simply walk up to someone, borrow their bottle and perform a miracle right before their very eyes. This has become the legacy of Prohibition.

Charlie Justice has not stood on his laurels. He has taken all the things that made Prohibition great like the impromptu nature of the effect, the ability to borrow any bottle and to have everything examined before and after and come up with some new ideas and moves to make the Cap Trap effect even better, and it's FREE!!!

Included with every Prohibition DVD is a second bonus DVD called "Prohibition Provisions". On this full DVD you'll find:

Hints and Tips

  • Ideas on bringing your own using a borrowed bottle

  • The Perfect Holdouts

  • Increasing the power of your PK ring

  • Using other items besides the bottle cap

Additional Ideas

  • The Instant Re-Do

  • Signed Cap in Bottle

  • "Ninja Moves"

  • The Ninja Pinch

  • The Ninja Stab

Killer Bonus Ideas

  • The Coin Accomplice

  • The Sobriety Test

  • Ninja Fold #1

  • Ninja Fold #2/Full Cap in Bottle

  • You're going to LOVE Prohibition!

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    Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 5 of 5)
    2 of 2 magicians found the following review helpful:
    The best trick ever? Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 24th, 2012
    I love magic too much to say this is the best trick I ever bought, but it may just be. It is an unbelievable amount of magic for the effort you will put in. It's not hard to do, but this one you will want to practice a lot because it's just that good. To add to that the fact that it's impromptu is simply mind boggling. This is the best cap in bottle. I love Captured, but this tops that too by a long shot - just too many advantages here. The 2 DVDs will provide more than you'll even need with this great piece of magic. If you don't know prohibition, you really should get this.
    Did this review help you?
    1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
    Yes ! Prohibition makes it the best trick ever Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 1st, 2013
    What else to say that wasn't said previously ?
    This version is simple, effective, both visual and "sounding". instant reset - clean from begin to end. Wherever you are (bar,restaurant, home, friend's,...) it will remain as The killer Momentum. I tried other versions (gimmicked, plastic bottle empty or factory sealed, etc...): no one compares this version. it seems to be the ultimate one: stop thinking - the perfect trick is achieved...
    Did this review help you?
    1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
    The best cap in bottle...ever! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 21st, 2013
    If you like performing cap in bottle, then I think buying this should be a "no brainer". The method is very practical and the setup is a breeze, yet the effect looks totally impossible! I like "Captured" by Justin Miller, but I think this is more versatile and practical. However I think both could serve you well depending on the situation. This is definitely worth the money.
    Did this review help you?
    Very nice and Impromptu ! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 14th, 2014
    If you like beer and magic, god buy this because nobody will catch you ! the reaction are amazing and people are just examine the bottle during 1 hour. It makes me laught. The will be impress and you will be respect in your magic after that. Simple, VISUAL, easy, versatil, and every body have beer around him. so for a party or a bar this is THE TRICK YOU WANT TO DO TO ENTERTAIN PEOPLE ! practice 30 minutes to be a professional or 15 minutes to be very good in this effect !

    the DVD is AWSOME, so much details, very good teacher, so much bonus, and way to do the trick, if you like cap in bottle i recommend this trick because in DVD you have So many stuck to do a lot of effect trust me !I'm in love in DVD and for the low price !

    ADD NOW TO CART !!!!!!!!
    Did this review help you?
    Simple, visual, huge impact! Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 15th, 2013
    This is THE Cap in Bottle! The only one I do use for laymen... and it fools the heck out of them. Cannot express how good this is. No prep, instant reset, use any bottle. Get it. Now.
    Did this review help you?

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