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The Vanishing Bandanna - Performed By David Copperfield This is one of the funniest magic routines you will ever perform. Long after the show is over the audience will still be laughing and talking about this one!!!
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If you're looking for a professional routine that is guaranteed to get you HUGE LAUGHS. This classic trick has been performed by Copperfield, Ogden, and many others.

You explain to the audience that you subscribe to a mail order magic company that sends you magic lessons on cassette tapes. You received one today and brought it to show the audience how you learn your tricks. You open the shipping box and remove a cassette tape. With any cassette player, you put the tape in and start the lesson.

After a short music introduction a pleasant female voice explains that this is "The Lesson of the Vanishing Bandanna." The voice tells you that you will need two props for this trick. The first being a large dark colored square of fabric and the second being a yellow bandanna. Upon these words you reach into the shipping box and bring out a piece of dark fabric and a yellow BANANA, not a yellow bandanna! (That's right, a BANANA... as in real fruit from the grocery store.)

The voice continues to explain that this lesson is about "Palming" and instructs you to fold up the yellow bandanna and vanish it in the dark square of fabric. This is done, but you are really folding and mashing up the BANANA... which will get a great response of laughter fom the audience. The trick ends with you vanishing the folded and mashed BANANA in the dark fabric square!

Manufacturer Says

The Routine Is Very Easy To Perform. The Cassette Tape Talks You Through the Entire Trick. Comes Complete With a Performance "Shipping Box", Professionally Produced Three Minute Tape, Devil's Napkin and Written Instructions. You Supply the Real BANANA from your local grocery store. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 7 of 7)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Amazing! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
I don't think I've ever laughed so much when watching a magic trick. The presentation behind this trick is just incredible.

This is perfect for any stage show or kids party. It will have your audience in stitches and kids will just go bananas (pun intended)!

I use this in all my kids shows and It never gets old. Plus you recieve a staple part of the magicians tool kit - the devils handkerchief!

Perfect for the working magician or clown!
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Always Funny Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 10th, 2011
I use this in every show where I want to get a laugh and it never fails. Audiences of all ages really enjoy this one. It is important to do your part in the routine as the presentation is extremely important. If your show includes a sense of humor, then you will be very pleased with this addition.
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Funny as....well Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 26th, 2004
I don't actually own the trick but I did see it in a magic show. I thought it was hilarious. I love magic with humor.
Did this review help you?
Prepare for the applause Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 24th, 2004
Why re-invent the wheel? David Cooperfiled, along with many accomplished magicians have used this entertaining illusion with great response. This is a super duper product to use for young and older than young alike. THIS CAN BE EFFECTIVELY PERFORMED CLOSE-UP OR ON A PLATFORM.
Did this review help you?
They don't get better or easier Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 18th, 2003
For anyone that does not have this effect you are missing one of the easiest and best effects ever. I have used this for adults, children and church events. I have never received anything but praise for the effect. The clean-up is very easy and you just have fun doing it.
Did this review help you?
Great Stage Act! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 18th, 2003
This trick is a little pricey for what it does. It is your basic “Devil’s Napkin” disappearance trick with an extra prop to add some humor into your show. I’m always looking to get a laugh or two, so I decided to give this trick a go. The effect is described very well in the description at When performed, it IS funny, IF you act your part. If you don’t act surprised when you pull out the banana, then the audience will just sit there and wonder what this trick is all about. I’ve done this in front of an audience now and I stop the tape, look around in the box and on the floor and ask the audience if I should continue…They seem to love having a say in the show. From there, the more disgusted I am at smashing the banana up, the more they enjoy it. And “Hamming it up” is great. Why the instructions say “FLING OPEN THE FOLDED FABRIC,” the people cringe because they KNOW they are going to get banana goo all over them. It’s a great trick. I’d recommend it. There are some downsides to it. It IS stage magic. No close up stuff should be done with the devil’s napkin. (Well I don’t feel comfortable doing it close up.) The tape, is only one sided. It would be nice if the routine were recorded on the other side as well. (I know – rewind.) I have a variant with this trick where I do not use the cassette tape. I have the instructions, that were on the tape, printed out on fancy ACME letterhead paper. I then have someone read the instructions a step at a time. Sometimes I read while my assistant does the trick.. Sometime my assistant reads while I do the trick. Sometimes an audience member reads while I do the trick. I think the trick is a little overpriced. You can find a devil’s napkin for around fifteen dollars (Elsewhere on the net). The extra 15 dollars to make up the price for this trick would be for the tape and a cardboard box. Overall, the trick is a blast. Don’t do it at the start of the show though, because your hands will be very goopy. I’d give this trick 4 of 5 stars. (minus on for the price.)
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0 of 2 magicians found the following review helpful:
Vanishing banana Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 18th, 2003
Great trick, highly recomended. Plays well with kids, plays better with adults (if you do it right!)
Did this review help you?

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