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Protoplasm by Christian Painter Close up mentalism that will leave your audiences jaw on the floor!
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In the words of the author…

Protoplasm is a book on close up mentalism and mental magic. With this book you will be able to elevate your mentalism skills to turn your spectator’s mind into a primordial, gelatinous goop. Or, at least, have them stare open mouthed at your mind bending skills.

The book contains 111 pages of cranial enjoyment. Along with a dozen polished presentation of mental might are essays about the presentation of close up mentalism. It contains effects using cards, dates on coins, choices, emotions, predictions, surprises, fate, and stones. I feel that a solid presentation of mentalism is made much stronger when the audience is drawn into the parlor of premise, reason, and emotion rather than the simplistic, “Let me show you this” or “Do you believe in ESP?”

One of my favorites is Painter’s Poker Face. This is, on the surface, a presentation on reading the tells of a poker player. However, along the way you will get them to play, act, laugh, and finally grab for the cards on the table. It only used ten cards in a very logical and fair manner to explore the possibilities of reading a persons mannerisms. What adds impact to the presentation is the fact that you are telling them how you are reading them. At the very end of the routine, you pull a fast one. They will think you have failed and when you show otherwise, they will dive for the discarded pasteboards on the table. I love it.

I have received fantastic feedback on Touchstones. This is an experiment in color and vibrations. A feeling is written down way in advance and left in full view. A bag of beautifully colored stones are spilled upon the table for all to marvel upon. After a fun and clean elimination of the stones, the paper is opened to reveal not only what color stone has been selected but which hand it resides in. This is one of those effects that can make your reputation. This could quite possibly be the only effect you do during the night as this can easily morph into personality readings. How far you want to take this depends on how deep you want to go into the rabbit hole of readings.

The Almost Impromptu Book Test was one that I almost did not include. This is a carnival like ride that will prove, even to the most skeptical, that you indeed posses powers from beyond. This Book Test can be done with any books. That’s right, no gaffed books. It can be done at a party at someone’s home or at your local library. Some books, pieces of paper, and pens are all you need to construct a miracle right under their noses. This is the one I do when someone says, “Come on impress us.” And you will!

Diming you out is another favorite of mine. This is a very organic presentation of coincidence, choice, and surprise. The enjoyment of watching four people participate in what seems like a simple parlor game turns into a stunning array of revelations. The final coup de gras occurs when the final person see that you not only predicted what coin they would hold, but the date on the coin as well. And, it came out of their pocket. Ohh, the savory sauce of it all.

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