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Tales of Enchantment (The Art of Magic) by Walt Anthony (Book) Techniques and Presentations to make your magic....more Magical!
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Walt weaves many colorful stories into a magical carpet ride of adventure! This impressive book is rich in mythic images that will inspire you to think and feel deeply about our ancient art." -Jeff McBride

Introduction by Kostya Kimlat
Foreword by Robert E. Neale
Edited by Ed Solomon
(Autographed bookplate included!)

A lifetime of practical material is explored in this book: presentations, stagecraft, effects, performance technique, magic anecdotes; all from a full-time professional entertainer’s thirty-plus year career.

This book has become one of those books that sets a standard within the magic world for years to come.” In this 270 page book, you will learn new routines and original magic presentations. You will learn skills and tools for thinking imaginatively and creatively.

You’ll be exposed to a dynamic writing style that makes you feel comfortable while challenging you to become more innovative and go beyond simple “patter” or standard magic.

It really is one of the most inspirational books about approaching Magic as an Art-Form. The author’s personal routines and stories come to life and will help create “Real Magic” for your audience.

In fact, if you don’t think of new ideas as you are reading this book (and find yourself reliving a bit of the giddiness you enjoyed as a kid when you visited a magic shop, unwrapped a new trick, or saw something that really amazed you) well then, you're not fully living your magical life!


Reader Reviews:

If my house were burning down, I'd grab my wife and kids, wallet and important papers... and this book.
Penguin Magic Customer

Applicable to anyone who has something to say with their magic. It would be great if this book became a classic work that was required reading for all students of our craft.
Steve Spill (Magicopolis)

Walt has the ability to show you how to take an ordinary trick, and make an extraordinary effect out of it. This is like learning directly from a master of showmanship.
Robin DeWitt (Kardor)

This could easily become the next "foundation" book, joining the ranks of Strong Magic and others. If you want some new ways to see your magic, this is a "must-read".
Clinton Magus

His ability to impart knowledge is quickly seen, while the level of his love of magic and storytelling is something we should all aspire to.
Scott Grossberg (Thinking Magically)

Walt’s attention to detail, his research and classical attitude towards magic are evident throughout the book, as is his excellent advice.
Jeb Sherrill

It made the light go on for me, and literally saved my interest in magic. Thank you for making it available.
Tom Olshefski

A chapter a night and let my mind wander to places I have never been.
Chris Handa (Castle Blood)

This is the book I wanted and looked for I first returned to magic.
Courtney Kolb (Seadog)

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EXCELLENT WELL WORTH IT Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 2nd, 2017
This is by far the most enjoyable book I have EVER read!
it has sparked so much enthusiasm with effects that I have long forgot about, and am now super excited about!!!

Walt is an amazing writer and amazing thinker that has done an excellent job of making this an easy, but highly useful read. It really helps you make something special and more magical than just an effect by itself.

True artist and true inspiration to help us be STORY TELLERS!

I use to teach an advance class in Video Production, called "Advanced Electronic Journalism". It was just like this book! You can tell a simple, boring story about a simple news story... But to tell a story, you need to use the audio, use various angles, etc. if you know Steve Hartman, then this is what I am talking about. He is a story teller! I wouldn't be surprised if they're related somehow!! :)

Walt does the same thing with this. he shows you other perspectives, other angles. He excites you to make more of the effect!

Pick this one up. For the cost, you can NOT go wrong. I promise you. And for same lame reason, you do not like this. You can easily re-sell it, as many will buy it from you for sure... Not mine though.
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Storytelling Magic Resource Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2016
I love this book not only for the great routines for classic effects but how the stories Walt Anthony associates with the stories elevate the effects from just "tricks" to becoming the live action special effect that illustrates the magic of the tale. Connecting a trick with a story can infuse it with deeper meaning for the right audience and create truly memorable experiences. Although many of the tales are similar to fairy tales or folklore, they might not be the best choice for a Birthday party. Some are definitely only for the right adult audience, and might be disturbing in most contexts. But it is the thought process and the many examples of building a story around a trick to give it new context and greater depth that I found so valuable.

While the category of "Bizarre" magic occasionally applies here, I would broaden it in the specific case of Tales of Enchantment to "Storytelling magic." This is where I am most comfortable although I do like an occasional spooky story trick. However, some of the routines are probably fine for just about any audience. I think a routine like the one given for the rope in the bottle trick would be a lot of fun at just about any birthday party to add a little moment of eerie adventure and "genie in a bottle" flavor.

If you are a writer, storyteller, bizarrist, or even a filmmaker or dramatist in mindset, I think ToE would be a valuable item in your collection. I just wish this was the first in a series of volumes of similar material from the same author.
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Good Investment!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 10th, 2015
Wonderful book on Storytelling magic-----if you want to add intrinsic meaning to your magic, this book will serve you well. What a difference it is to open your show by sharing with your audience 'A piece of Magic,' as opposed to saying, "hey, wanna see something??" Tons of useful ideas on Presentation and showmanship. Highly recommend!
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Direction Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 19th, 2014
I have a few good books. Actually, I have most of the recommended books. Ortiz, Tarbell, McCabe, Bobo, Wilson's, Fitzkee, etc. Just scratching the surface of my small collection. They are all important. But they are basically variations of technique books. Technique of tricks or stage craft and such. All vital info of course, but I feel Tales of Enchantment is, for me, one of the most important books in my collection. It looks at who you are, persona, the stories and ambiance. This book illustrates a world beyond 'here is a trick and here is another trick. If my house were burning down, I'd grab my wife and kids, wallet and important papers... and this book.
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