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Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann (Book) Get ready to amaze and dumbfound your audience. This incredible book will take you from beginner to tour guide in the world of the mind. Perfect for close up or stage. Highly recommended!!!
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Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines and other "psychic" effects are among the most impressive tricks in any magician's repertoire. Their power to amaze and dumbfound an audience is unparalleled in the domain of stage magic.

In this volume, one of the greatest of all mental magicians reveals the secrets behind nearly 200 astonishing feats of mental magic. The included routines encompass 12 major categories:

  • Effects with Billets and Pellets
  • Publicity Effects
  • Dead or Alive
  • Book Tests
  • Thought Foretold
  • Envelope Necromancy
  • Miracle Slate Routines
  • Money Mentalism
  • Blindfold Reading
  • Mentalism with Cards
  • Psychic Codes
  • Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces
Theodore Annemann, through his own performances and editorship of Jinx magazine, probably did more than anyone else to popularize this branch of entertainment. Now, this extensive knowledge, experience and know-how are at your fingertips in this comprehensive collection. Here are the closely guarded tricks of the trade behind such astonishing effects as Pseudo-Psychometry, one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever achieved; Who Killed Mr.X?-a classic routine that combines both magic and mind reading with a triple mystery and a novel presentation; and the Swami Test, a demonstration of prophecy first popularized around 1920. Annemann himself came up with some 16 variations on this popular and much-practiced effect. My Own Swami Test is one of his best.

These and scores of other crowd-pleasers are here, each thoroughly explained and diagrammed, with insider's tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants and confederates, diversions-everything you need to make any trick a fool-proof success. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props and a willingness to learn from one of magic's legendary figures. Although written for professional magicians, the step-by-step detail, clarity and inclusiveness of this collection, along with the author's intimate knowledge of the stage performer's needs, make this a volume that will benefit magicians at every level of expertise.

Manufacturer Says

Paperbound, 310 5 3/8" by 8 1/2" pages, 100 illustrations.

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 10 of 24)
Get it! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 28th, 2013
Yes, the routines are presented in an old fashion, but just like Oz Pearlman developed one of these effects into 21st Century Phantom, you too can update almost everything in this book. I do many updated versions of tricks from this book.

For me, this was a far better introduction to mentalism than 13 Steps, because it is more readable, and it gave me a very clear understanding of what mentalism is built from and what it can develop out of.

Also, it's a big plus for me that this book is the size of a normal book and not a bible like 13 Steps or Mind, Myth, and Magic. Annemann is an excellent writer--and for this price, you're getting so much as a foundation in mentalism.
Did this review help you?
Mental Magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 14th, 2013
As everyone says, this book should be used as a supplement to 13 Steps to Mentalism. It contains very little mentalism theory and is mostly a collection of tricks. The theory is all in 13 Steps. I'm a huge fan of Practical Mental Magic, and have used many things that I learned from it, however, without 13 Steps, I would have been a bit overwhelmed in reading it. It's unbelievable how many tricks you learn in here, and I'm sure that after dedicating a lot of time and practice to most of them, they could become miracles.
Did this review help you?
Bang for the Buck Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 8th, 2013
Because this is a popular classic, I see no need to expound on the details. I will just assure you that it is a great value for the money, rich in stunning effects.
Did this review help you?
wealth of knowledge Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 29th, 2013
This book is, with 13 steps to mentalism the best investment you can make if you want to learn mentalism. There are a lot of concepts that sometimes seems outdated but with a bit of creativity they can become very usefull in today's world. For such a cheap price you should get it. For 13 bucks you get so many effects why wouldn't you take advantage of that.
Did this review help you?
Great price for a must have on Mentalism Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 12th, 2012
A must have for anyone thinking of getting into mentalism. This book may not be a the newest or hottest item out there but it combined with 13 steps make for a solid foundation in mentalism that will carry as far as you decide to take it. Annemann gives a lot of fantastic insight into performance to along with the effects. The price is right and you can't beat Penguin's service.
Did this review help you?
Very good book. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 31st, 2011
There's a ton of information that can be applied to modern mentalism, even while the information itself can tend toward the outdated.

This man was a pioneer in the art, and learning his methods and mindset seems to be crucial in personal development in mentalism. I wouldn't even hesitate to buy this book if I were you.

It's a must have for lovers of mentalism.
Did this review help you?
Perfect for mentalists Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
Many new magicians underestimate the value of the volumes of information that lies in the old dusty books on the shelves of the magic shops. Most of the ideas within DVDs and instructional videos containing those new flashy tricks come from the tried-and-true methods of famous magicians. This is a book that will provide many ideas that a magician can transform into a modern miracle.
Did this review help you?
Loaded Mental Material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Practical Mental Magic is loaded with mentalism routines. It's a fun read even if you do not perform mentalism. The text and patter is a little bit dated. You'll find many routines that have been rehashed into modern versions such as Phantom Artist (Oz Perlman has an updated version). The one disappointment was that there is no chapters on mentalism theory. This is just a large compendium of tricks. Recommended.
Did this review help you?
HIGH CLASS MENTALISM! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
At first, I was very distant from this book. I didn't think it was practical and I thought a lot of the stuff was just overused and impractical. But now with the Luke Jermay class and all the attention around it, I decided that I have new feelings about it.

For the material inside of here, you get a wide spectrum of stuff. If you are looking for some really good "haunting" effects or dead of alive tricks, I think this book has the best of them. They have the most entertainment value and you can modify them to fit your show's needs. Some tricks need special props, some don't. Some very clever tricks in here that you will love.

Annemann's teaching is clear and interesting. He goes through some history, the special aspects of what works and doesn't, and detail on the gimmicks involved. I only have one final thing to say. This is not an introduction to Mentalism. It is written as if you already have some kind of experience with it. If you don't know anything about it, this can still help a little, but you should go with 13 steps to mentalism if that is the case.
Did this review help you?
Classic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
One of the bases for Mentalism
If you wanna learn the best routines from “ Jinx” Magazine, just get PMM.

Someone’s can think… “ is old”….

Yes is old, but is Classic. Powerful and meaningful effects.
No just tricks. This pieces are reputation makers
One of my favorites is “MY own Swami test”
Wonderful Prediction Effect for Stage and Close Up.

Just buy it. With Corinda and this one, you have a lifetime read
Did this review help you?

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