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Tommy Wonder's Visions of Wonder (3 DVD Set) You will see how an audience can be devastated and deeply touched by a magic performance and youll be inspired to bring your magic to a whole new level. Highly Recommended!!!
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Tommy Wonder is a living legend in magic. The routines, philosophy, creative process, and thinking detailed on “Visions of Wonder” are why he is hailed by his peers as one of the top performers and thinkers in magic and why many consider him one of the most important magicians of our time.

These videos demonstrate a master at work, a performer who so thoroughly understands magic and his audiences that he has people question whether they’ve seen the “real thing.” You will learn how to apply these lessons to your magic and thus make you a better magician. You will see how an audience can be devastated and deeply touched by a magic performance and you’ll be inspired to bring your magic to a whole new level.

If you have not seen Tommy Wonder, you are in for a treat—an experience like you’ve never had before. Even if you have seen Tommy Wonder, you are in for a treat. You will see new items never before taught, you will see the incredible routines you have only read about, and you will see and learn how to make audiences believe they have seen real magic.

Volume One
(123 minutes)

The Ring, the Watch, and the Wallet — Tommy relates how he was recently robbed. He takes off his ring, takes the money from his wallet, and takes the watch off his wrist. He then very cleanly puts the items in an envelope and openly tears the envelope to shreds. Tommy instantly holds up his hand and there is the ring back on his finger and the watch on his wrist. He opens up his wallet and there is the money back inside. Truly stunning.

Magic Ranch — Tommy Wonder’s take on a Don Alan classic. A plastic egg suddenly appears on the table in front of the spectator and well away from Tommy. A card is selected and lost in the deck of cards. The plastic egg is opened to reveal a miniature duplicate of the selected card. The audience is further stunned when the deck is shown to contain all duplicates of a different card from that which was selected.

Through the Eye of The Needle — A needle and length of thread are shown. The thread is rolled into a big clump and placed on top of the needle. The thread is then miraculously pulled through the eye of the needle again and again until the entire clump is neatly threaded and snipped off at the top. You’re left with a needle tightly threaded with 20 separate strands and an audience in disbelief!

The Tamed Card — Tommy Wonder’s unbelievable take on the Peter Kane/Frank Garcia Wild Card plot. Tommy has added a fantastic presentation, turning this into an entertaining piece of theater. It requires no table, it resets easily, has magnificent card changes, is extremely practical, and is designed to fool even those who see it over and over again.

Two Cup Routine — Tommy Wonder’s claim to fame, the Cups and Balls routine, has fooled some of the best minds in magic. It’s practical, does not require loading from the pocket, and will amaze your audiences over and over.

Volume Two
(123 Minutes)

Elizabeth IV — The performer removes a clear envelope with a wager and a prediction. Any card is named and contents of the clear envelope are openly removed. The prediction matches the freely named card.

Rubik's Card — Tommy shows a small box filled with blocks that have card pips on some of their sides. A card is selected and the lid is removed from the box to show that the blocks have somehow arranged themselves to form an image of the selected card.

Deja Reverse — Two cards are selected and the first selection magically turns face up. It is turned face down and a magical gesture is made again with the intention of the second selection turning face up. However, when the cards are spread, it is the first selection once again. The first card almost takes on a life of its own, repeating its antics, and in a final act of desperation, Tommy rips up the first selection and tosses it aside. The deck is spread and there, restored face up in the center, is the first card once again. The torn pieces are turned over to reveal the second selection.

Socked Coins — This routine has never been explained and has been a closely guarded secret that Tommy Wonder has kept for himself. It’s one of the finest coin routines ever created. In a lesson on how to lose money, coins penetrate a spectator’s hand in an increasingly impossible manner. It resets, can be done without a table, and is incredibly strong.

Tommy goes on to explain his workings on Cough DROP, vanishing bird cage, the boomerang card, the Zombie Ball, and his wonderful ring and rope routine.

Volume Three
(146 minutes)

Nest of Boxes — Tommy discusses in tremendous detail three unbelievable versions of the Borrowed Watch to Nest of Boxes. You will shake your head in disbelief and be absolutely dumbfounded.

Coins Across — A combination of the Coins Across plot, a coin box routine, and a wonderful Coin in Eye routine to close. This gets the same strong reaction of the Card On Forehead but with coins. Practical and incredibly strong.

Ambitious Card Plus Ring Box — See why a card trick gets standing ovations time after time. Tommy slowly builds and builds the impossibility of the classic Ambitious Card effect and ends with one of the best versions of the signed card to box plot in existence.

Tommy also demonstrates his fabulous handlings for two classic effects—Card Through Handkerchief and Everywhere and Nowhere.

In addition, on all three volumes, Max Maven will guide you through some fascinating discussions with Tommy Wonder where you will get an insight into the psychology, thinking, and creative process that have made Tommy Wonder a living legend in magic.

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Great Magician Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 30th, 2008
Tommy Wonder is a perfect example of a magiacian who does whatever it takes to get the effect done, and doen't have to rely on the things available in a magic shop. If he had to build it himself, then he did. If he was wearing an unconfortable gimmick, then so be it. It was part of his profession, putting the audience first. His control of an audience is well worth the money for these dvd's. He could have died without sharing his secrets, but he left them for us to learn from. Old school magician, fer sure. He was the very definition of the word "dedicated". I miss his
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A true craftsman. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 7th, 2008
Mr. Wonder is the last of a vanishing breed of magician whose craftsmanship and dedication to his art is evident in every single aspect of his work. Leaving nothing to chance, Mr. Wonder breaks every effect down to the most basic level, then reconstructs and polishes each effect to perfection.

Most of these effects require some serious machinist/construction skills but the effects themselves are far from the true value of these DVD's. The priceless education on the performance and art of magic is what makes Tommy Wonder, this DVD and of course the "Books of Wonder" an absolute necessity for all magicians.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced magicians, neophytes and those new to the art will most likely fail to see the treasures captured here on film.

The only drawback, I would have loved to see some performance footage of Mr. Wonders elegant Zombie routine in addition to his tips. The short glimpse of his work with the zombie only hinted at it's beauty in his hands.
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Not Practical?.....Yeah Right. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 16th, 2005
I'm just going to open up by saying that this is the best DVD series that money can buy. I've been doing magic for 15 years and I was just amazed at the amount of useful information that this set contained. It is true that there are a few tricks/illusions in here (ex. Nest of Boxes) that you more than likely will never build.

However, to say that these DVDs are not practical means that we are either hearing this from beginners or magicians that are intimidated by a little theory. So you won't use Nest of Boxes but on the same DVD you have one of the best Ambitious Card routines in magic that contains maybe the best finale ever. There's nothing that says you have to do a full routine that is taught on a DVD. If you can learn some good sleight-of-hand/individual effects and some of the fantastic psychology given, you will more than likely agree that you've gotten your money's worth. I doubt many of us use everything that we see when we go to a lecture.
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Not Practical !!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 1st, 2004
Tommy Wonder is a GIANT in magic. One of the greatest. I am at a complete loss as to why he would agree to do these DVD's. The information is of use to the average magi. Great performances. Some great advice, but why take up 3 DVD's? $$$$$$ thats why. Sorry to say it but the guys and girls at L&L missed on this one. Thank God they don't do it very often. Hey we all make mistakes. It just happens that the great folks at L&L missed the mark on these DVD's. Just my honest opinion. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
Did this review help you? 1 comment
Very Detailed Magician Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 4th, 2003
Amazing 2 Cups and Balls routine, misdirection artist. The gimmick revealed is like James Bond movie. I like his misdirection (Did you lay the egg!). Highly Recommended.
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not practical Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
this is for the magician that is looking of some magic "Entertainment" it does teach you the tricks, but im guessing the majority of you wont use it as it is extremely impractical.
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Good Grief!!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2003
I can honestly tell you that Tommy Wonder is one of the most amazing performers of our time. I have seen him in person, and when I performed his Ring, Watch, and Wallet trick five feet from my face, I honestly almost passed out in amazement. Although these DVD's are packed with wisdom and some amazing effects, it is just not practical for your average magician. Don't get me wrong, "some" of the tricks are very good and would be excellent to perform. I would love to do the Ring, Watch trick myself, but the specifics on the set-up just make your mind hurt! How does Tommy think up these things? He is way out there and on a whole different level than most. His Nest of Boxes Routine in unbelievable, but just watching the explanation and props required makes you wonder what was going through his head when he thought this up. I'm glad magic has Tommy Wonder, but with his ideas, it makes me "wonder", why isn't this guy working for the Holland government cracking codes or building high tech electronic equipment? You would have to buy some of this stuff from magic store, assuming it will ever be out on the market. I give it 3 stars based mostly on Tommy's insight into magical theory.
0 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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