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Psycho Logical by Matt Mello (Instant Download) Three brand new, direct psychological effects from the mind of Matt Mello!
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Psycho Logical is a 24 page PDF, featuring three, brand new effects from the professional repertoire of Matt Mello.


This is Matt's take on the "seeing with the fingertips" plot. The spectator can shuffle the cards at any time, examine the cards, and hold the deck for the entire duration of the effect. With a quick touch on the face of the card--the spectator can touch it, as well--you're able to divine the color! An advanced version allows the deck to be shuffled, handled by the spectator, and you NEVER touch the deck! Still, you can accurately guess the colors.

The One Image

If you're a fan of the Universal Image concept, you're really going to want to check this out! The goal was to have only a single, folded slip of paper, and have a person guess what the image was with no switches or secret writing. This is not a traditional Universal Image, and the handling is different than anything seen in other U.I. demonstrations.


The book ends with one of Matt's favorite effects that LIVES in his wallet! It's reminiscent of Derren Brown's "Paying with Paper" effect, but uses normal one dollar bills instead of pieces of paper. The concept can be used to have a spectator guess the amount of money you have in your wallet, or to know the price printed on a receipt, or to manipulate them into believing you possess more money than you actually do--a real world skill anyone would LOVE to have!

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Psycho Logical by Matt Mello Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 28th, 2016
Ok, First of all i'm a big (and i really mean big) fan of matt mello's work because, as he says in one of his ebooks: "if i don't find a simple way of achieving something i normally dont give it any more thought and this ebook is no exception.


"Spectrum" 5/5
With "Spectrum" you will be able to know the color of a card from a shuffled deck without even looking at the back of it but the best part is that you can do it without ever touching the cards!! I don't think i will ever perform it but im sure a lot of you will find potential in this

"The One Imageā€ 5/5
Well, what can i say... its a universal image. the spectator has a folded piece of paper in his hand, he thinks of one (there is "something else but it will fly under your spectator's nose), opens his hand and its drawn.
i've made some tweaks to the presentation so it fits my character. :)

"Profit" 5/5
This. This effect. In short you make your spectator guess what's the price printed on a receipt.
i've, again, modified the presentation and the effect so that the spectator not only guesses the price of what you bought but also what you actually bought. i've been using this since day 1.
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Psycho Logical is Vintage Matt Mello Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 7th, 2016
If it was one word to describe Matt, the word would be "thinker". Matt is a thinker. With Psycho Logical, you are getting the best of Matt Mello.

The material is Derren Brown-like mixed with Matt's thinking. What I love about Matt's material is that he doesn't over complicate things. Its basic but powerful.

You not only get effects, you get seeds. Seeds are meant for you to grow and flourish. Matt does that in this book.

SPECTRUM: This is Matt's take on the seeing with the fingertips plot. Its definitely different. But its an idea, I know you will love.

THE ONE IMAGE: This is my baby right here. Remember when I talked about seeds? This is a huge seed. You will have the ability to make someone think of what is pre-drawn on a folded piece of paper. Need I say more?

Profit: When I first started reading it, I was saying to myself, "Nah, not my taste". Then Matt blows me away with multiple ways of achieving it. And like I said, Matt once again has created another seed.

Do us both a favor, stop reading this and buy now!
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Poor Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 23rd, 2016
I was fairly disapointed with this. I felt as though I've been ripped off. It seems that most of the things Matt has put out aren't worth the money. Not saying that he isn't good, but that most of his products are disappointing to me personally.
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