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Project X by Kareem Ahmed (Instant Download) 6 baffling, visual, killer effects
Price: $9.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

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a collection of 6 close up magic tricks for ANY environment.

In project x you’ll get:

1.secrettravell: the magician place a 4 coins into the playing cards box. one coin leaving the playing cards box and appear in the magician's hand Then the coin vanish from the magician's hand and back into the playing cards box.

2.deep:visually produce a pen from a completely empty coin purse.

3.REFILL:You reach into a pack of Oreos and pull a cookie out. You bite off a piece and restored .no gimmicks,Oreo can be borrowed ,no palming.

4.SHIRTLESS 2.0:Card Through shirt effect in which a selected playing card separates itself from the pack, seemingly penetrating solid cloth.

5.TAKE:Perform an impossible stunt with an ordinary deck of cards. A card is selected and shuffled into a deck of cards lost yet you are able to find their card in an extremely impressive way.

6.:a card is freely chosen and returned. The deck is put it on the floor, Under complete control, the deck eerily begins to cut itself to a card in the centre. Borrow deck
No Invisible Thread,FULLY EXAMINABLE
No Magnets
No loops
No rubber band

Over 30 minutes in details .

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Nice collection of effects at a nice price! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 1st, 2016
Project X is a nice collection of effects at an equally nice price!

In order:

This is a good opener to the download, but probably my least favorite of the tricks presented. There is some minor setup, which you'll have to have prepared. I haven't tried this one out yet, but I suspect that you'll have to mind your lighting and angles to do this one. Under the correct conditions, this one could really fry some people, but you'll have to pick when and where you elect to do this trick. He covers this as the end of the trick as well.

A simple effect, that you’ve probably seen card magicians do before. I’m not much of a card guy, but I love the simplicity of this effect! He is a good teacher, and gives good advice on minding the angles.

This is probably my favorite of the set. It is what got me to buy the download. This is a very inventive coin illusion, and no details are left out. He covers all of the coin sleights that he uses, so you aren’t just getting the secret of the box, you are also getting a few coin sleight tutorials as well!

This is a very nice and efficient way of doing a “bite and restored” Oreo. I have the prop version of this effect as well, and I am happy to add this effect to that. There is a little bit of impromptu set up to do, but this is honestly something that you can do on a downbeat before performing the effect. The set up would literally only take a few seconds.

This is the Card Through Shirt” effect, and the other effect that I bought this for. There is very minor set up before performance (again, should only take a few seconds). This effect is well taught, and should be easy for beginners to pick up. The effect itself is designed to impress! Version “1.0” is also taught, and the sleights needed to control the card are shown. I think that “1.0” is a little harder to perform because of the heat that would be on the cards, thus “2.0” is much better, but it is handy to understand the alternate variation.

A very nice opening effect! I have been wanting to get a similar coin purse to what is used in the video, and now I *really* want to pick one up. This is easy, but has enough eye candy to have fun with, using common items that magicians likely will have them. This too was well taught.

Overall, this is a nice package for the price! You get several illusions using a variety of items, the teaching is well paced and thought out. This is a bargain for the price!
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