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The Red Envelope by David Sousa and Luis De Matos
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The Red Envelope is David Sousa's award-winning silent act. This act inspired a generation of world-class manipulators and champions and led to David being appointed Honorary Professor at the Academy of Magical Arts in South Korea.

In this themed act a red envelope appears, transforms and vanishes in the most astonishing manner. These incredible visual effects can be used in any stage act and the ingenious systems applied to develop more astounding productions, vanishes and transformations.

Effects include: Ball to scarf, cane production, card to confetti, interlock card production, card fans to envelope, torn & restored jumbo card, envelope productions and transformations. Learn David's techniques then apply them to your own act and create your own stunningly visual effects.

English language.

DVD Tutorial (1h35m) + Extra Thin Deck of Manipulation Cards

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My favorite manipulation act!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 14th, 2014
I got the chance to see David lecture live for the SAM here in Tucson, and wow was he fantastic. He's a nice guy, very funny, and took the time to answer our questions, and showed us pretty much every detail of this act, along with selling props for the act (except the billiard balls, confetti, and one more thing that I cannot reveal). His way of thinking is genius and he makes every idea simple and as easy to do as possible. He emphasized on points that many young magicians and some older magicians miss which was helpful. He touches on those points on the DVD as well.

The DVD is of amazing quality, and David's teaching is incredible and detailed. He hits on almost everything you need to know for this beautiful act. The act itself is beautiful and flows very nicely. I love how it incorporates canes, confetti, billiard ball, scarf, and different sizes of decks, not just cards or just billiard balls. Be warned that this act will take a decent amount of time to learn and perfect since it is manipulation. However, David's handling on many things will make the act a lot less knuckle-busting than pretty much all of the Korean manipulation acts.

This DVD only comes with a deck of manipulation cards, as advertised. If you want to do the act exactly like the trailer (almost the same way David did it at FISM), then you will need to buy another roughly $300 dollars in material ($50 for the 2 billiard balls (I got the JL Mirage Billiard Ball), $20 for the cane (I bought that from David), $10 for a force deck of Ace of Hearts, $5 for the silk scarf, $10 for a small item that is used (got it from David), and another $75-150 for another prop (or prop-like thing) depending on how nice you want it). I'm sorry I was not specific on the last two things, but I cannot reveal it since it will reveal some secrets. Even though it only comes with a deck of manipulation cards, this DVD is worth the price. His act is astonishing and beautiful.

The manipulation cards are wonderful. They are very, very thin and fan pretty well. The thin-ness of the cards make them easy to back palm and handle for manipulation purposes. The back design is skin colored, which is an added bonus.

All in all, I highly recommend this DVD. You will have to get additional items and they may be a bit pricey depending on how nice you want your material, but I think it is worth every penny if you want an amazing manipulation act in your repertoire. Even if you do not want a manipulation act, get this DVD for David's thinking since his creativity and ideas are astonishing and genius. I can guarantee that even if you do not do the manipulation act (I don't know why you wouldn't) that you can use some of the methods and ideas from this act and this DVD in your other stage or everyday performance.
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