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Predicted Card At Thought Of Number (PCATON) by Scott Kahn (Instant Download)
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Two decks of cards are introduced, one red backed and the other blue backed. The spectator chooses either pack and freely shuffles it while the magician takes the other deck and reverses a prediction card in the center of that pack. The identity of this prediction card is unknown to everyone except for the magician.

Once the spectator is certain that the cards are well mixed in his chosen deck, he is asked to cut off a packet of cards and secretly count them to create a random number unknown to anyone else. These cards are replaced and the deck is again shuffled and cut by the spectator. The magician points out that no one could possibly know the location of any card in the spectator’s deck. More importantly, the performer has not touched this pack from the onset of the trick.

The performer then asks the spectator to openly count down to the card located at their secretly thought of number. This card is turned face up to reveal its identity to everyone. When the magician’s deck is spread out on the performing surface, the previously reversed prediction card is seen to match the spectator’s selection. The performer has apparently predicted which card the spectator would shuffle to his secretly chosen number.

"This is a killer routine. Please don’t over look this powerful routine because of its simplicity! It’s quick, it packs a punch, and it seems truly impossible." --Madison Hagler

“Scott Kahn is a must study for those into card magic. He tackles a wide range of plots with a unique approach.” - Ryan Schlutz

“Kahn's approach to magic is similar to that of his medical career, prescribing solutions that breathe new life into classic card magic.” - John Guastaferro

“Powerful, take no prisoners card magic. If this were 1692, Scott would surely be on trial for witchcraft.” - Michael Kaminskas

NOTE: This routine utilizes a common gimmicked deck that many card magicians already own. If not, an additional purchase may be required.

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