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Stranger's Gallery by John Bannon
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Stranger's Gallery by John Bannon John Bannon's incredible color-changing deck routine has become a modern-day classic, and once you've seen the impact this effect has on an audience, combined with the minimal amount of sleights necessary you`ll know why.


From a blue-backed deck, the performer removes three face-down cards from three diffrent places. A fourth card is selected. Each of the three inital cards are shown to match the selected card exactly. The performer remarks that the only way the trick would be possible is if the four cards came from from four different decks. Accordingly, the backs of three cards change from blue to black, yellow and white, leaving four cards with four diffrent colored backs!

For the climax, it is revealed that none of the four cards could have come from your deck...because it is spread and seen to be RED! Includes 10-page booklet and all the necessary gaffs specially printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company

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My Absolute Favorite Effect Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 31st, 2011
This is without a doubt my favorite card routine seconded only by Shawn Farquhar's, signed and sealed, also known as Back in Time by Cyril Takayama.

I love it. Magic doesn't get more magical than this, the trick is a 3 part trick:

1- reveal that your 3 predictions match the spectator's card;
2- explain how they where all from different colored decks, changing the color of your predicted cards;
3- then, change the color of the entire deck, leaving in front of you 5 different colors

The sequence of the routine escalates from "what the hell," to "holy sh*t," to "WHAT THE F*CK." If performed correctly at a nice and slow pace, letting each step sink in, it will be killer.

Only problem with the routine is you aren't left clean, however, if you take your time with each each step, then the spectator will want to at most inspect the deck (which is clean) and you can quickly put away the other cards and ---move on to another effect before anyone asks about the other cards---

Please take your time with this routine and figure out a patter that you think suits it best because it truly is an amazing effect.
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My Favorite Magic Trick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 13th, 2012
This was THE TRICK that got me into magic. and after practicing magic for over a year, I finally found it. Stranger's Gallery is very simple to learn and gets some of the best reactions. You are definitely getting your money's worth!
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Official B_Magic Review! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
Hi. This is your official PenguinMagic reviewer, B_Magic.

Stranger's Gallery is a fantastic effect, and though it's retired from my Absolute Arsenal of magic, it has been a part of that arsenal for years.

I love the effect, and with a lot of practice and good performance, this trick has the ability to look like a real miracle. This was one of the first effects I've purchased as a teen, and I spent years amazing audiences with it. It's that good.

This trick does take what I'd say a considerable amount of practice and performance to make look good. This is not a self-worker in any way. Perhaps of all the packet-like tricks I've ever done, this may well have been one of the most difficult to perform. It's not that the moves needed are all that difficult, but you will have to find a way to meld it's moves into your style in a way where everything looks motivated and legit. It's not a "clean" trick either, so proper audience management is essential.

With practice though, this effect is stunning! My only complaint is that I wish that one of the color changes (the black one) was replaced by a more visible color, like green for instance. Most of my audiences over the years have had difficulty really appreciating the black color change because its so hard to see (from blue). The other changes are stunning, however, and the kicker ending is awesome!

Definitely worth a purchase!
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