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Unshuffled Kicker (Gimmick and DVD) by Paul Gertner
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More than thirty years ago Paul Gertner developed "Unshuffled," one of the most memorable and influential routines EVER devised with a pack of cards. Thirty years later (and fresh off of fooling Penn & Teller), Paul is releasing the ultimate and FAR SUPERIOR version, which we call Unshuffled Kicker. This is now the definitive version of this classic routine.

The effect begins just like the original "Unshuffled" -- a selected card is found by "unshuffling" the deck. Strange markings on the side of the deck slowly align to form the word "Unshuffled" -- written with a Sharpie marker on the edges of the cards. To end, the entire deck goes back into numerical order, culminating with the transformation of the word on the side of the deck, from "Unshuffled" to the selected "King of Hearts."

The NEW ending is that the message on the side of the deck changes YET AGAIN to a message of your choosing. Paul used "Penn and Teller" for the wording on the side of the deck. You can make your own name appear, or any slogan or number or design you wish.

The new ending can be added onto any deck design you wish, and is extremely easy to integrate into the "Unshuffled" routine. You receive full instructions on how to perform the classic "Unshuffled," as well as all the details for the new, outrageous ending for Unshuffled Kicker.

If Penn and Teller were fooled by this, your audience will be as well!

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BUYERS BEWARE Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 13th, 2018
You will only be able to write what you want at the end of the new kicker ending trick ONCE. It is not a special system that you can erase and keep writing. It also does NOT come with the deck of cards, just the gimmicks for the kicker ending. You will need some other things to do this, and is NOT a beginner effect as Murphys shows it to be so that will change, expected release on the 22nd or so.
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The gimmick is a nice add-on, but I am not sure if I ever use it Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 12th, 2018
The gimmick and explanation is good, it gives you all important info you need to use it and how to load it during the routine and how to ditch it and switch, but there is one problem. You usually have to adjust (reglue) one part which is little bit angled off, which it should not be. But otherwise you get perfect method to change the writing on the cards for the third time. However if you have just one gimmick. You can Chang the writing to one specific text all the times.
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Very good idea for complete uns huff led original version Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 14th, 2018
Thanks for the penguin team serious. Unshuffled kicker is a good idea for complete the original great routine. This routine is not easy but the unshuffled kicker gimmick is easy to add at the deck . The gimmick is very intelligent . Paul Gertner explained in detail the method of faro schuffle and customizing the gimmick. this tour is reserved for experienced wizards. I am very satisfied with my purchase
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