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Cornered by Kevin Parker and Chris Webber - DVD
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The corner of a card is torn off and replaced with a corner from a different card! It is then handed to the spectator to examine! After they frantically examine the card, they have no clue how you did it. The new piece really does appear to be part of the card even while they examine it! You don't even have to attach a 'different' piece - you can restore the original one - and still let them examine it! This is a Chris Webber creation with touch-ups by Kevin Parker. This video will teach you how this works and how to perform it.

  • Visual 'tear' and 'restoration'
  • Props can be examined and kept
  • Easy execution
Running Time Approximately 14min

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Stay far away! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Basic Effect:
A corner is ripped off a card. A corner from a different card is shown. It fits perfectly onto the previously ripped card. With just a touch, the corner restores leaving the spectator with an impossible mis-made card.

My Thoughts:
You know that great feeling you get when you realize what you bought was totally worth the money? Kind of like the feeling when you buy Reel Magic Magazine? This, unfortunalty, did not give me that feeling. Why? Because this is crap. I'll explain why.

First- You are not able to use ANY brand name cards. No high quality cards can be used here. No cards made by the USPCC. Cheap cards that nobody uses HAVE to be used.

Second- When the card is first displayed, the corner must already be folded. WHY? This is dumb. A spectator can't pick a card. The card must be pre-bent in your pocket. YUCK!

Third- This has serious motivational issues. The first is already stated above. Second, why restore the wrong corner so it's mis-made? That makes no sense. And I KNOW David Forrest agrees with me.

Fourth- The teaching is awful. It seems like Kevin Parker doesn't even know the trick. He has to stop and think what to do. Obviously, he doesn't perform this much. And there's a reason why...

Fifth- This is just terribly produced. No studio, no audience, no class. Kevin Parker is wearing a backwards hat for goodness sake. The quality is low, and is most likely made with a handy cam. Kevin Parker doesn't perform this for real people on the DVD. Why? I think you know.

Watch the demo video found on Kevin Parker's website. Does the trick look good? It doesn't to me. So why did I buy this? Because one of effects that may be on an upcoming DVD has to do with a torn and restored corner. And let me say, my creation looks brilliant compared to this.

Should you buy this? ABSOULTLY NOT. This is just terrible. I have to rate it LESS THAN 0/10. My rating for this is -7/10.

What SHOULD I buy?
If you're looking for a torn and restored corner right now, I highly recommend David Forrest's Ripped and Repaired. This is a great approach to the plot. OR, you can wait 'till mine hits the market.

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waste of time and money Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 13th, 2014
I actually did this trick before I saw this, and the method they use is basic they even tell you not to use bicycle or bee cards because you cant split it
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ermm... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 2nd, 2010
great thinking man :) although this is not the trick i would to perform everyday>>>
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