This underground routine is one of the best kept secrets in card magic.

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Card Dice
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Card Dice


Show the audience six small cubes. Display each one separately to show that each cube has six sides, each one showing one segment of a playing card. The faces are all different.

The cubes are now stack on top of each other forming two stacks of three dice each. Their faces are mixed up and do not yet show any particular card. The two stacks of dice are placed side by side and shown from all sides. Their faces are all completely mixed up.

You now cover up the dice with a handkerchief. A spectator selects a card from the pack. Let's say the spectator pics the Jack of spades. Explain to the audience that, for some reason, the cards feel drawn towards each other and remove the handkerchief from the dice set-up. Unbelievably, all six cubes are now rearranged to form a complete image of the chosen card, i.e. the Jack of spaces.

Tell the audience that you will once again repeat this experiment.

Cover up the cubes again with the handkerchief. another spectator is asked to select a card, but this time, the card is not shown.

"The cubes have once again rearranged themselves under cover of the handkerchief, thereby forming the value of the card you just chose", you say dramatically before removing the handkerchief.

At this point, the expected applause does not come. now you merely look at the card formed by the two stacks of cubes. The image on their face does not resemble any particular card. All six face have a different index and the image is thus completely muddled. Of course, the spectators, at this point, rejoice about your failed attempt at finding the card.

They will automatically assume that you have made a mistake.

The audience's attitude does not seem to affect you.

You then ask the spectator to look at his card and to now show it to everyone. He will realize together with everyone else, to their great surprise, that his selection matches exactly the image on the dice set-up both are identical. I.e. six different card segments in random order. This random order is identical to the random oder shown on the spectator's selection!

Important Points:

  • Beautiful effect. Completely inexplicable, even to magicians.
  • Easy to do. No sleight-of-hand necessary. The props are constructed in such a way that they do all the work for you. This lets you concentrate entirely on the presentation.
  • Very nice props, handmade by a master craftsman. A sixth of one playing card is glued each face of each die (36 faces in all). These cubes can be arranged and stacked in a completely random order you can always show your audience this before proceeding with normal-sized playing card for close-up work.
Total Dimensions Approximately 3 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 1 1/4" (9cm x 7cm x 3cm)

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