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Psyche by Andrew Gerard - DVD
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It starts with a coin from their pocket; it bends in their hand and in front of their eyes...at the end they are left with a bent coin they signed.

Andrew Gerard's dirty little secret is OUT!

No bending devices are used during the performance of this effect...The only thing that gets bent is your audience's mind.

Running Time Approximately 26min

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Straight from a pro (Andrew Gerard) Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
(This review is for Psyche by Andrew Gerard - DVD)
Psyche by Andrew Gerard

Effect: A quick multiple phase coin bend of a borrowed quarter.
You have the spectator hold the coin in a fist and imagine the quarter to melt. You have them loosen their grip and the coin falls into your hand, showing the quarter bent. You then have them sign the quarter and you then proceed to bend the quarter at an outrageous angle.

Price: Marked down $33.75
http://www.penguinmagic.com/specialorde ... p?ID=10389

Teaching: Andrew is a fantastic teacher. He goes over everything multiple times and doesn't leave you hanging. He definitely didn't rush his time into making this. He teaches the final bend very well and it looks just incredible.

Of course you can't magically bend a borrowed coin but you can sure make it look like it!

Quality: I was impressed. Shot by pros I'm guessing. One problem I had with the DVD is that you can't just "play all" you have to go step by step.

Difficulty: 3/5. The work and sleights here are not advanced but acting natural is key here. You can't stand out looking fake here, a miraculous thing is happening and you need to practice this. You don't need a 500 dollar gimmick to do it and that is a plus.

Applications: This is perfect to apply to a walk-around set. It can be done sitting or standing and it's not a boring routine either. It's visual and quick so perfect for being a opener effect.

Overall Rating: 9/10. Of course it's not perfect and has the flaw of not being signed right away, but it doesn't really matter. The final bend looks AMAZING! It's melting just like butter between your fingers.

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OK Coin Bend Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 10th, 2016
(This review is for Psyche by Andrew Gerard - DVD)
I am interested in almost every coin bend material I can get, I love these kinds of effects since I first saw a hypnotist doing it. In my opinion the strength lays in the possibilities of suggestion in combination with the supernatural proof of the bent coin. I read that this DVD would be about something more than just the coin bend (subtleties, suggestion patterns) but that is exactly what I am missing here. We do not see a "real" performance and the suggestion part is minimal. The information is more about the bending illusions but in my opinion they are not very exciting.
For people (like me) who are interested in material that concentrates more on psychology and suggestion, I recommend "Skin" by Benjamin Earl. This DVD already covers fascinating bending illusions, but mainly shows you how to improvise on the psychological level.
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