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UltraViolet (UV) by Liam Montier & Big Blind Media - DVD
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ul-tra-vi-o-let (adj. Abbr. UV) -Of or relating to the range of invisible radiation, on the border of the x-ray region, just beyond the violet in the visible spectrum.

Liam Montier takes you into the amazing world of UltraViolet.

With your special UV light 'hidden' in plain sight on your keyring, and a pen in your pocket, you'll be ready to unleash mind-melting magic at ANY TIME.

Combining the amazing properties of the UV light and the UV marker, your magic arsenal will be stuffed to the gills with great material. And best of all, the gimmicks do the work for you!

Over the course of 90minutes Liam Montier and Owen Packard teach you more craziness with the UV gimmicks than you'd have thought humanly possible.

Your creative juices will be gushing after you witness tomfoolery with playing cards, forearms, watches, coins, business cards and anything else Liam can get his hands on.


  • Includes contributions from Andi Gladwin, Cameron Francis and Colin McLeod.
      Comes complete with UV light keychain, UV markers and gaff cards.

      Running Time Approximately 90min

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    One of the best DVDs I've seen in LONG Time. Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
    What follows is a Glowing Review (Sorry. I couldn't resist):

    I'm starting to speak with a British Accent with all of the latest DVDs I've been watching... the Mid to late 2000's are to magic what the late 70's and early 80's were to music... the British Punk Invasion. By that metaphor, Owen Packard is Sid Vicious, and Big Blind Media is The Sex Pistols.

    BBM is setting the standard for producing magic videos... Hold on to your hats L&L, because you've got some heavy competition. First of all, the production quality of every Big Blind Media film is amazing. It feels like you've got a crack-team of Hollywood producers putting these DVDs together. Everything about them is state of the art.

    Just on production value alone, this DVD is under-priced. Add to that the incredible magic you're getting, and you are getting a screamin' deal. First, the DVD comes with a UV light, UV Pen (with two refillable inks), and a handful of cards you need for some of the effects. All that, plus 10 killer tricks for $30.00 bucks. WOW! It kind of puts things into perspective when comparing this to the one-trick-pony Clutch - One trick and no props... $20.00. For $10.00 you get 10 tricks plus props.

    So Let's look at the magic and the magi:

    First the Magic:
    In a nutshell, if I were to rate each effect on a scale from 1 to 10 (ten being the best), the worst thing on this DVD would rate around an 8 or 9. Some of this stuff is so clever that it'll make you smile deep inside. This is the first time in a looooooong time where I was giddy like a school girl when I watched a magic DVD.

    Probably the best thing about the magic on this DVD is that most of the "gimmicks" or "set ups" are in plain site and examinable. The first trick alone (Invisible) sucked me right in. The potential of this "system" or "concept" if you will, is amazing.

    What about the magi... Liam... Also brilliant... just a clever funny young like-able guy who is a good performer. It's clear he puts a lot of time and thought into his presentations. He's the anti-put-and-taker. He really thinks about logic and reasoning when it comes to his moves. I just wrote an article about this in my February 2009's Roots and Branches column. I think this concept is extremely important.

    The article is called "What's my Motivation?" It very specifically addresses the need to focus on why you do things, why you hold cards this way instead of that way, etc... It's an attempt to increase your naturalness and logic and flow of your routines. Liam, don't bother signing up for my newsletter (at least not for the February issue) because you've already, clearly, mastered this invaluable principle.

    I don't know what else to say... Congrats to BBM and Liam for a kick-arse product!

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    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 10th, 2012
    There's not much I can say that Jeff Stone didn't. There was a UV project out years ago that I always kicked myself for not getting,then there was this. The "invisible" deck setup and effect are worth the cost alone,brilliant. Liam is a fairly new discovery for me,now I'm hooked. The effects on UV are easy,yet astounding, and you get everything you need to get started right away. But if you don't trust me, at least trust Jeff Stone. If anyone knows great dvd's on ink, it's him.(Check out Stone Fire Frixion) Highly recommended.
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