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From the creator of "Water to Beer" comes Phork

"The most powerful effects are the ones that happen on their hands"


You take some forks and ask a spectator to hold one on his hands. You instruct the spectator to gently rub the fork and imagine it getting soft, like rubber. Slowly, the fork bends over until it is almost bent in half on your spectator's hands. This is a remarkable experience that your audience will remember forever. It can be fully examined, there's nothing to find out. A true miracle.

Why Phork?

  • Phork looks like a real fork and not a cheap toy
  • No sleight of hand
  • No switches
  • Please don't confuse this with similar fork bends: After the setup Phork will remain straight at room temperature. It will slowly start to bend only when touched with body heat
  • Totally examinable
  • Manufactured in Europe with the best materials
Comes complete with everything you need plus instructional DVD.

Please note: Phork is a major breakthrough as the fork will remain straight and will bend ONLY when touched, there's no need for Phork to be constantly kept at extremely low temperatures. If the room temperature is not high, Phork will not bend.

"Just been playing around with Phork after it arrived yesterday. WOW this thing is beautiful! Jay you must have worked hard to bring this to the stage it is now, I'm surprised there isn't a lot more interest in this product as it really is the 'state of the art' and blows away previous versions (Yuval's, Super Rex, etc). I have worked out a different way to execute the bend - my hand remains completely still throughout the bend and all that is seen is a flat fork that gradually becomes a bent fork. I do not use any rubbing motions or any movement at all during the bend. I'm sure lots of variations will emerge but I have to say I am particularly pleased with the 'stillness' bend. Simplicity of effect at it's best! "
- Al Straker

"Hi Jay, This is Andrew Gerard. I wanted to say how wonderful Phork looks.... It sounds like you really did it right."
- Andrew Gerard

"Hi Guys I have received PHORK and I will tell you its worth much more than the asking price.... This is a beautiful thing. I have been using it at the end of a short metal bending routine as the "ultimate test".. this combined with other methods completely makes your metal bending look impossible. I am filming a DVD on metal bending, which will include new practical ideas/displays of mine that I have kept to myself for a loooong time... performance only demonstrations of Key Accessory and others will also be included.. I have included a section entirely on the psychology of metal bending and why it continues to fascinate people to this day.. in this section I will include PHORK, as it would mimic real metal bending. If my life was on the line and I HAD to convince someone I could really bend forks... phork is what I would use. If you buy this, you should not regret it. Happy bending."
- Andrew Gerard

"Absolutely brilliant. I'm now using this, with a "riveting presentation" as the penultimate effect in my one man show: "Modern Man & X-Ray Vision." Easy to keep set all through the show, and great trigger temperature that AT LAST makes using this concept a reality for the working pro."
- Ben Harris

"I just marvel at your work. This is just perfect. For years I have been using rough spoons I had made ages ago. (maybe 12 years or so). From the stage, they were fine, but rough, fiddly all the usual problems. Yours is just perfect and the way it "finds it's shape" after the freeze, forming that beautiful "at rest" position is joyous. Honestly, I sat for several hours just looking at it in it's flat position. Admiring the reflections, the curves. PERFECT!"
- Ben Harris

"I bought 3. For decades, I've been using crude, self-designed, memory metal spoons in my one man show -- Modern Man & X-Ray Vision. While they worked fine, they were hard to keep cool, and they never quite looked right. But, from the stage, it all looked fine. Jay has solved ALL the problems. This looks like a real fork. Stays flat at room temperature. STUNNING. My presentation is entirely "hands off" and NOTHING comes close to PHORK as being the ultimate example of excellence in this genre."
- Ben Harris

"There are so many versions on the market of bending spoons and forks it's hard to know what to chose. Once I saw this I was blown away. While it's high ticket item I have to tell you, if you want the best bending fork on the market, this is it and worth every penny. This blows every other routine out there away. The method is fantastic and very professionally produced. Forget the rest ... get THE BEST!!!"
- Paul Romhany

"This baby beats the Keren fork tenfold, period. The way I would perform it is with a combination of Banachek moves and then bring in Phork for close combat... I think for what it is it should be priced higher to keep it away from the YouTube brats and the curious."
- Silvio Solaris

"Phork does look like a normal piece of cutlery. Also it behaves slightly different than other similar items available. These are two good advantages over the other similar props. Overall the Phork looks good and very realistic. Nice prop!"
- Ustaad

"Nice product Mr. Jay. good job"
- hendramagic

"That looks really good. Well done Jay."
- Silvertongue

"I would like to make a small review of phork. I had access to one of these kits, and man, they created a huge improvement in my point of view. The simple fact that your are not restricted, most of the time, to temperature makes it a pro worker. The other models cannot be compared to this, thrust me. About the fork - It looks and feels like a very realistic fork, not a cheap toy. 10/10 points here. You don't need to rub that much. I know the demo transmits the opposite, but it is just not the case. The package itself - It was all done with a great care and love, you can see and touch since the first time you open it. Price - You are buying here a prop and the research time for the best materials. By comparing the price to what you receive, you are getting a bargain. If you do metal bending, I cannot see a better thing to do and get, it looks like the real thing. Hope this helps. Thanks."
- Morganite

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