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Menu of Miracles Vol. 2 by James Prince & RSVP - DVD
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Destined to do for the restaurant magician, what corporate close-up did for the corporate worker. For the first time, James spills the beans and release some of his favorite routines and gives valuable hints and tips that will make you a high earner in this lucrative field.

Contents Include:

TABLE APPROACH - Learn the correct way tot approach a table for the first time. What to do and more importantly, what NOT to do using James' tried and tested techniques.

CUPS AND BALLS AT SPEED - Probably the fastest Cups and Balls Routine ever with a four phase multiple ending! The perfect lead in to the next routine that leaves you audience speechless!

THE WORLD'S EASIEST BILL IN KIWI - Probably the simples Bill in Kiwi ever! Easy and completely undetectable. This is a routine that they'll be talking about all night.

KIWI FINIESE - A great finish to Bill Kiwi where you HAND OUT the kiwi to the spectator at the end to keep!

SHOOT THE KIWI - The ultimate Bill in Kiwi WHERE THE SPECTATOR CAN CUT, OPEN AND REMOVE THEIR BILL! A brilliant gimmick that will allow you to perform a real miracle is described in complete detail. Simply superb!

FEES - A discussion about what to charge and how to get the best out of your chosen restaurants.

BLUE CARD - A fast and amazing signed card in wallet with a kicker ending that you WILL use.

BRAIN FREEZE - The easy-to-do packet trick that James has been performing for over ten years! Multiple climaxes simply leaves the audiences in a state of complete Brain Freeze.

SIGNED CARD THRU WINDOW - James' classic version that takes the effect to a whole new level. A freely selected cards is signed and then corner given to the spectator with part of his signature still on it. The deck is then thrown at the restaurant window and INSTANTLY the SIGNED card is seen stuck to the other side of the window, Spectator takes his corner piece outside and removes the card from the other side. The corner matches exactly with their signature! NO CONFEDERATES AND SIMPLY GENIUS THINKING!

Running Time Approximately 70min

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Great effects! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
Being that James is an experienced restaurant performer he has gathered a really good range of effects that are perfect for a table hopping setting or any sort of walk around really. He has a lot of card effects on here (good ones too) but also keeps to other effects as well which is really good. Also James gives some good words of advice as well!
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2.5 stars Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Table Approach - The DVD opened with some harsh words that were a little too definitive. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY, AND NOTHING ELSE IS RIGHT! He was giving advice on approaching a table. One thing he said was that at restaurants as opposed to paid gigs, you shouldn't be "Mr. Confident." First, aren't restaurants paid gigs? Second, his entire presence is Mr. Confidence, so he doesn't even follow his own advice, which is advice that I don't agree with by the way.

Cups and Balls (1.5/5) - I'm sorry, but this routine is just plain not good. It was way too fast and way too confusing, and before you realize that there are three cups on the table he's already turning them over to reveal the final loads. Also, during the explanation, a lemon got stuck in the cup. He had to stop and put down a lemon that he was palming and dig the lemon out. Rather than explaining how to get out of it in a real live performance, he simply said, "That never happens during performance, so don't worry about it." Sorry gang. Mr. Prince is a super nice guy, but don't take cup-and-ball advice from him. Go to Ammar.

The World's Easiest Bill in Kiwi (3/5) - As is the theme of all Prince effects, it's right to the climax: "Here's-your-signed-bill-look-it's-in-a-kiwi" However, there is nice subtlety and a nice move that you won't find in most routines of this type. The routine itself isn't that great but the subtlety and the moves are worth studying this routine. Additionally, he covers what he calls, Kiwi Finesse which is a nice addition to the effect that allows you to hand out the Kiwi when finished.

Shoot the Kiwi (4/5) - The ad copy says that the spectator can cut open the kiwi and remove the bill. This is NOT true. However, once you start the cut, you can hand it to the spectator and let them dig it out. There is no kiwi switch and there is no secret stuff for the spectator to find once you give them the kiwi. This is a nice version for sure.

Fees - This was another advice section. Remember, earlier he referred to restaurants as something other than a paid gig, yet in this section, he's referring to them as paid gigs. I really didn't find much value in this section.

Blue Card (2/5) - This is basically a card to wallet effect (sort of). In this routine, he did what so many performers due which irritates me. He completely ignores a response from a spectator. In this case, he asked a spectator how to pronounce her name after she wrote it on a card. He didn't even let her finish before he just went into his "let me take your card and put it over here" patter. Man that's annoying. Then of course it was right to the punch line with no set up. I'm getting a little irritated with that style of his. He explained that this trick is good for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc, and that you could have a message pre written on the back of the card that comes out of the wallet. However, he did not explain how to get that information and get it on the card. He briefly brushed over it and didn't cover any details, yet he said that this one tip is the very reason he included the effect on the DVD. Also, there is a very difficult sleight used on this effect that he simply says, "We covered it in another routine." However it is not covered in another routine on this DVD.

Brain Freeze (1/5) - This effect is just crap. He flies through this so fast that you don't even know what the heck's going on. Often his magic is like he's just demonstrating what the gimmick can do or what move he can do. It would be sort of like taking a Svengali deck and making this your routine: "Look they're all different. Now they're all the Six of Clubs. Now they're all different. Look now they're all the same again. Look they're different again." Do that while talking so fast and riffling the deck so fast that they aren't even sure that you have a deck in your hands, and that's the kind of magic this is.

Tips - This was a very good section about how to handle a situation where someone wants to offer a tip. To me, the advice he gave here was the best part of this DVD, and the most useful thing I got out of this and volume I.

Signed Card Thru Window (5/5) - I love this effect and the method is brilliant. However, again, Mr. No personality shows up. Also, that move mentioned in Blue Card is used in this effect, and he again claims that it was already covered. He is correct if he's referring to the fact that it was covered in Volume I. Considering that this DVD was only 70 minutes, he should have explained the move again. He had time. The customer should not have to buy Volume I to learn a move that was used in Volume II.

If you average my ratings for each effect, you get a 2.75. However, I'm going to dock that a little bit for having a very short DVD that should have been combined with Volume I. However, there were a couple of really good tricks and with the right practice and personality can be good additions to any pro's repertoire. With that said, my final rating is a 2.5 out of 5. Thus . . . grubble (between gem and rubble)
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