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The Doctor Is In - The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 1 - DVD
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The Professor, Dai Vernon, summed up Dr. Sawa this way:

"One of the most creative magicians I have ever known. As the saying goes, you have to see it to believe it-and even then, you won't!" Find out why.

When Dr. Sawa burst onto the magic scene back in the 1970s, he caused an international sensation. His work with paper, seashells, ropes and especially coins, was simultaneously whimsical and astonishing. Some years ago, for private reasons, Dr. Sawa vanished from the magic world. Happily, he has resurfaced-his enthusiasm for magic not only renewed, but actually increased.

L&L Publishing is proud to present this multiple-DVD set, containing almost fifty new and astonishing coin routines on a total of six DVDs.

1. See-Through Pendant: A solid silver dollar, worn on a chain, transforms into a cut-out coin. Through a devilishly clever method, you end clean.
2. Silvers: Four silver dollars immediately change into four assorted denominations, and then return to their original form.
3. Mr. Feather-Light: Here's something you haven't seen before. Imagine an "Oil & Water" routine using coins-with an amazing Coins Across conclusion.
4. Submarine Coins: When rubbed against the close-up mat, coins invisibly move from one hand to the other in poetic fashion.
5. A Hand Slit: One by one, four large coins penetrate through the performer's hand, with a whimsical presentation.
6. Head & Tail: Six coins are used. Instantly, five of them vanish, then the remaining coin also disappears-and then they're all reproduced.
7. Cheers in Bretagne!: A charming "wedding ritual" using eight silver dollars and a champagne glass. Mystifyingly, the dollars merge into a single coin.
8. Pushman: A Sawa classic revised. Twelve coins are pushed into a standard-size Okito Box. Then, literally dozens of coins are produced from the box. And there's an eye-popping climax that delivers gasps!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 31min

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 20th, 2015
Fantastic use of traditional techniques and tons of original work. Dr. Sawa's use of moves and ideas contributed to by Marlo and Vernon, Tenkai and other greats are blended with incredible uses of gimmicked and ungimmicked coins. Much like Tommy Wonder, Dr. Sawa often goes to extraordinary lengths (and expense) to achieve the effect.

While his timing and flow are affected by his focus on translating his work to English, that is no reason to shun the amazing technique and intricate thinking he has generously shared on this DVD series.

Try to search out videos of him performing the effects in Japanese...or be as lucky as I was to attend his lecture this weekend...and see for yourself what a true master of the craft he is.
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Shame Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
I was a bit gutted by these DVDs, I was hoping for some amazing coin magic and a new style I hadn't seen before. Unfortunately most of these effects are pretty weak and not very well structured. For most of the tricks the audience didn't know whether to applaud or not (because they weren't sure if what they had seen was worthy of applause).

Dr Sawa's sleight of hand isn't the best I've seen, infact in some places his hand movements were just plain awkward. I was put off even further by the fact that Max Maven is bought in to help with the explanations. I got all three of these DVDs and I can't really even recommend one. Sorry.
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Not a fan Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
First, let me start by saying that there is no question that Dr. Sawa is "The Man" when it comes to coins. He is a clever thinker and an excellent technician; not the most "entertaining" personality, but I think most of that was related to the language barrier. I believe his from Japan, and his English was rough. In fact, Max Maven translated/clarified much of the explanations. Putting that aside, the question is how valuable is this DVD to you, is it not?

If you're a card guy wanting to move to coins, skip it. It's too advanced. I believe it was Malini who was famous for setting up crazy effects and scenarios and "traps" so to speak that would allow him to do a miracle should the opportunity arise. However, most times, he wasn't able to take advantage of his elaborate set up.

Nevertheless, when he did get that "lucky break" he had a freakin' miracle on his hands, and I'm talking water-to-wine, loaves-and-fishes kind of miracle. What made his miracles such miracles is that people would never "suspect, let alone detect" (thank you Erdnase) that he anyone who actually go through the incredibly crazy set up that he did just to do a card trick.

That's sort of how I see Dr. Sawa. The effects are amazing, but the methods are even more amazing. Without tipping too much, there is an effect where you basically have to have, sitting in your lap something like 30 or 40 coins. The effect is pure magic and beautiful to watch, but it certainly isn't the most practical thing.

If you're wanting to learn coin basics, there are so many other resources out there. However, if you are a veteran or even mid-level coin worker, then you may want to consider this if for no other reason than the thinking and method behind some of these effects.

There are plenty of out of the proverbial box thinking effects on this DVD that you may get a kick out of. The odds are you'll never use 90% of what's in this DVD. Yet it's entertaining and educational nonetheless. There were a few effects that were sort so-so, but there were also some amazing things on the DVD. All in all, unless you're a die-hard coin person, I'd say skip it.
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