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Out of Order by Cameron Francis - DVD
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A Strangely Skewed Wild Card Effect Effect

Explaining that magicians go through a LOT of playing cards you display a packet of special 'printer cards' - blank on both sides - That you explain can be used to print new cards. Two selections are made from an ordinary pack, let's say the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. You continue, "...so, if I wanted to make a copy of the Jack of Hearts, all I do is rub it on the printer cards and...", one by one you print three perfect duplicates of the Jack of Hearts! Turning your attention to the selection; you attempt to print a few duplicate Ten of Spades but nothing seems to be happening. It's now that you realize that some of your printer cards are actually out of order. The blanks are turned over to reveal large 'OUT OF ORDER' signs on the back! Undeterred you soldier on and for a finale, proceed to print three duplicate Ten of Spades right on the backs of the Jack of Heart you printed earlier!

From the man who brought you 'Fresh Mint' and 'Snapped' comes 'Out of Order' - a dynamite packet trick that cannot fail to amaze! 'Out of Order' delivers three distinct climaxes, each more impossible than the last and, when the trick is over, every card can be Fully Examined!

'Out of Order' is totally customizable to any presentation you can think of instead of 'Out of Order' the cards might deliver a humorous message or be emblazoned with the name of your corporate client.

The 'Out of Order' DVD will guide you step by step through every detail of the handling and includes a second bonus effect that also makes use of the enclosed gaff cards.

The Packet Trick is Back and there are very few better than Cameron Francis' 'Out of Order'.

100% Examinable, Totally Customizable, Includes Cards, DVD, and Bonus Effect.

Running Time Approximately 42min

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A magical experience. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 2nd, 2014
I like this trick. The price is great. Another good magic effect from the creator. There is a good amount of sleights needed but the payoff is worth it. No finger flicking ir anything like that. Its real good that the cards are customizable, can be examined and you end clean. I bought two of these. An overall good trick and video. Recommended by me.
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More From Cameron Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
These days Cameron's putting out a lot of material for the magic fraternity. His latest effect, Out of Order, is a hit for sure. The effect is basically a twist on Wild Card. The end of the routine leaves you clean, and everything can be examined. The DVD comes in a small cardboard sleeve, and includes the special cards and stickers you need.

The reset is simple and quick, and the effect plays big. It has a lot of presentational potential, and a decent amount of audience interaction. I own quite a few of Cameron's products, and the more I watch his material, the more I realize that he's just one of those cool guys that you'd wanna meet and just hang out with. On top of that, he's a clever thinking magician. There's always something on his projects that I find very valuable that inspires my work.

I will say, about this project, however that there was one thing that really bothered me. At the beginning of the DVD, Dave Forrest has a monologue about the DVD and an intro to the project, and he used a very vulgar expression. They "bleeped" it, but it was still quite clear what was said. That kind of stuff is totally unneeded, and the project would be much better with out it. So I docked a couple proverbial points for that.

As far as the magic, effect, presentation, teaching, bonus effect, etc goes, the DVD is a hit. GEM!
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