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Mystique by Richard Osterlind - Book
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by Richard Osterlind

This exciting new book features 17 chapters full of new material, classics, and profound ideas including:

You'll find six brand new, never-before-published effects in addition to some updates to Osterlind classics, including the complete Miracle Thought Projection. There's also some brand new work on the Breakthrough Card System!

You'll also discover two incredible chapters on misdirection and two additional chapters to make you think about your magic!

As a bonus, the full text of two best-selling books previously only available in electronic format are included - The Memorized Breakthrough Card System and The Business of Magic!

Not since Dynamic Mysteries has Richard Osterlind published a book like Mystique! It's a totally different type of magic book for the advanced performer that incorporates ideas and concepts that only a lifetime of performing could impart.

Not only will you learn some of the most impossible-looking mentalism and magic, but you will be treated to the reasons and philosophies of why the material works. There has never been a book quite like this one.

In a world that believes everything new is good and everything old is passť, Richard shows you why the great masters of the past were light years ahead of most magicians today. He delves into what the Real Secrets of magic are all about.

Richard talks about misdirection and gives an amazing new slant that will have you rethinking everything you do. Then he provides an effect that has been a reputation maker for him for over a decade that has even amazed a President (yes, of the United States!)

There is an amazing new 3-part prediction routine done with only three index cards and a pen and a wonderful take on Bryn Reynold's Lucky Nite.

If you like Richard's Bill to Cigarette, you will love a new effect that takes it one step further. You will get his take on the difference between magic and skill and learn his original Puff Pasteboard routine.

For years, mentalists have been paying high prices for the out-of-print Dynamic Mysteries just for the Miracle Thought Projection routine. This item has been called one of the strongest pieces of mentalism ever. The entire routine is included in this book!

There's also an incredible new Q&A act that is totally straightforward, easy and completely undetectable. There is also an ancient effect that, if you try it, you will see why simplicity is the key to mastery.

For those of you who use the Breakthrough Card System, there is a chapter on how to work the system backwards with shortcuts you already know!

As an added bonus, we are including two other full books within the pages of Mystique. Both The Memorized Breakthrough Card System and The Business of Magic, formally only available as e-books, are included. Both of these have been acclaimed as two of the best buys in mentalism and magic and each have been best-sellers in their electronic formats.

As if that were not enough, there is another bonus routine included! Richard's Two-Faced has been highly applauded as one of the great utility devices of all time. Richard includes a routine called Two-Faced Epic that uses three of these folders to produce one of the best stage Mental Epic effects imaginable! And, in addition to the routine, you will learn one of the greatest number forces ever!

Mystique is destined to be another Osterlind classic!

Pages 195 - Softbound

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 12th, 2014
I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this book up, but I enjoy Osterlind's other material so much that I thought I would give it a try. The methods, essays, and thoughts that he has put into such a short book are very, very good and a steal at the price offered here. Seriously, no need to read on - its worth it.

That said, there are a few things I did not like, which I will address first:

* Paperback - should have been in hardback
* Editing - some editing was missed. All minor things, but found a dozen mistakes or so as I read. Takes you out of the flow of reading, but not too much.
* Chapter dividers - the one page chapter dividers seem odd. Filler that's not needed, does not add to design of book in my opinion.

Things I liked:

* Artificial Intelligence - I have been doing a version of this routine for years, but never liked it because it seems so obvious. This version is very good, and solves all of those problems. A great example of how to improve something you already know.
* The advice given in physical misdirection is very, very good. I can't say much without giving it away, but really starts the book off strong with some very good thoughts on misdirection and purposefulness - worth reading even if you don't perform magic at all.
* First Dog - Really good. Simple, but worth the price of the book. Again, a great example of how a seasoned performer thinks.
* Old Brainwave - very good, and true. I have received strong reactions from a very similar routine.
* Miracle Thought Projection - Very, very good with some excellent advice on timing.
* Memorized BreakThru - Love this idea. So simple to memorize with this system, and will serve you well.

One of the best 'value' buys I have ever made. For the routines, thinking, and effects, some of the best money you will spend in magic or mentalism. Highly Recommended.
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