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Dark Light by Stephane Jardonnet
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Even though it looks like an ordinary light bulb, welcome to the latest technology available. This is probably the most advanced technological trick I have ever put on the market. Almost three years in the making, in design, to come with a product that will be hard to improve.

Dark light is a remote controlled light bulb, self contained. A single press on the remote control will allow you to switch the light on and off, no matter how close or how far you are from it.

Imagine the possibilities : Paranormal experiments such as Ouija board or spirit seances, lie detector, pranks for TV or hidden camera shows where the light bulb only works out of its socket, and so forth. You can have the light bulb on a real lamp, cut the cord and yet, the bulb is still on. Touch the cut cord, and the light switches off. Have a spectator touch the cord, the light is back. You can fan a deck of cards and have the light bulb switch on in the spectator's hand. These are just a few ideas. You are only limited by your imagination. This is a perfect tool you can use for any mentalism act.

Additional Information:

- The light bulb contains a strong microprocessor developed to perform the effects.

- The light bulb does not light or turn off instantly, but only after a 1 second delay, this to allow you to show your hands empty, and not making any suspicious moves.

- The light is as bright as a regular 40 Watt bulb

- You can light the bulb as far as 150 Feet, even through the wall.

- Light bulb turns off automatically after 12 seconds of use to make sure it does not overheat.

- Charger for battery included. Please note that it will come with a Standard European Format plug, and additional US format Plug.

- Once charged in 15 up to 60 minutes, you will have an autonomy of about 120 seconds of use. If you have the bulb blink for 3 seconds, you can do it up to 40 times in a row.

- Goes back to sleep mode automatically after 1 hour if you don't use it.

- Because the internal components are getting hot inside the bulb, a safety program is set to delay the next use. for any seconds of use, you will not be able to light it again for the double of that amount of time. Example : The light is on for 5 seconds, you will not be able to light it again within the next 10 seconds.

- Remote is 1.5" X 2.5" X 8/16

- Made in France

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