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Intercessor (Red)
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(Intercessor - someone who acts as an intermediate agent in a transaction or helps resolve differences)

For more years than magicians can remember, one of the most powerful principles used in card magic has been the "torn corner principle." A card is selected, one corner is torn off and kept by the spectator, then the rest of the card is destroyed.

The card is later found in any type of impossible location, inside a cigarette or lemon, for example. (Robert-Houdin used to have the card appear locked inside of a small safe buried under a tree.) Of course, not only is the card found restored, but the torn off corner matches exactly, proving it was the selected card. All of these mind boggling miracles work on the same principle, that of the corner switch. The torn corner of the forced selected card being switched for a corner of the duplicate card, already set-up in the final location.

From now on, thanks the Gaetan's incredible Intercessor gimmick you will be able to achieve all of these effects, without switching the corner at any time! More than that, once the card has been selected the spectator may sign a corner of the card which is then ripped off and handed to the spectator. The spectator may immediately verify that his torn corner matches the card, which only then will be destroyed and found restored in an impossible location. Gaeton's gimmick eliminates the need for any false moves and allows you to immediately repeat the effect if desired!

Includes the Intercessor gimmick and 24-page fully illustrated booklet with routines and ideas from Gaetan, Juan Tamariz and Michael Weber.

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Brilliant! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
(This review is for Intercessor (Red))
Think of all those times when you had this great idea for a trick where a signed card appears in an impossible location- and then you struggled to think of a workable routine to make it happen. Well with intercessor you pretty much can! The only difference is that it's not a signed card, it's a card with a corner missing.

Some magician's may prefer to have a signed card but I don't think from an audience's point of view it matters, so long as they have something to suggest that the card in the impossible location is their's then that's all you need!

The gimmick is well made and there is a booklet included which teaches a few tricks in detail, but like I said you can basically replace most 'signed card' tricks with 'torn corner' tricks now.
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Good idea, but not practical Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
(This review is for Intercessor (Red))
Obviously a gimmick that lets you duplicate corner tears is an excellent idea for a utility because it opens up so many miraculous effects. The problem is that this gimmick creates problems as it's trying to solve this one.

The most obvious problem is with the basic handling. Generally, when corner tears happen, they're done very quickly and casually. With this gimmick, it looks like there's more of a precision operation going on... well, because there is. Even if a spectator doesn't suspect a gimmick, they might think that you're so talented at handling cards, you've developed the skill required to tear a card the same way each time.

The other problem is that the construction of the gimmick makes the deck very difficult to handle. There are some things you may be accustomed to doing with a deck of cards that are simply not possible because you've got this gimmick in the middle of the deck.

You also have to be very careful with your angles. The gimmick is disguised well enough so that it's not obvious, but if you flash the deck at the wrong time at the wrong angle, it will be spotted.

Like I said, credit for a very good idea, but too cumbersome in my opinion to be truly useful.
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