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SANDA Panda Mystery Box by Devin Knight
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The SANDA Panda Mystery Box is an ungimmicked 6"x 4" cardboard box. It is always in full view and gives you the ability to make nearly-impossible predictions. No pre-show work, and all are ONE-MAN effects. No secret assistants or stooges are used in any of the effects. NO FORCES of any kind are used in any effect.

IMPOSSIBLE CARD PREDICTION: Two participants form a card to ensure the choice is random. One chooses the suit and the other the value with no restrictions. You remove the lid from the box - inside is a deck of cards and a folded 8" x 5" piece of paper. The participant unfolds the paper. Written on it is THE CARD JUST NAMED IS IN POSITION 14 FROM THE TOP. The participant removes the deck and counts down to the 14th card from the top. It is the same card just formed at random. No switches or sleights used. The participant takes out the paper and deck from the box. THE PERFORMER DOES NOT STICK HIS HAND INSIDE THE BOX, NOR DOES HE TOUCH THE PAPER OR DECK!

LADYLOVE: The closed box is on a table in full view. Any man stands and is asked to tell you the first name of his wife or girlfriend. Assume he says, "Sandy." He comes forward and takes out a rose from inside the box. ATTACHED to the rose is a note that reads, "Give this rose to Sandy." This is an amazing, but romantic, bit of business that is very strong and involves no pre-show work. The magician never touches the flower or note. Everything can be left for examination.

UNCANNY BOOK TEST: A small book is inside the closed box. Anyone calls out a page number. Another participant comes up and takes the book out of the box. He turns to the page number just named, looks at the first word on the page and reads it aloud. You instruct him to take out the folded paper from the box and unfold it. Written on it is the word he just read aloud. Baffling beyond words!

If the performer wishes, any of the above predictions can be INSIDE AN ENVELOPE that is inside the box. This adds yet another layer of mystery to the effect.

DEAL OR NO DEAL: The performer says that he took a picture earlier of what is inside the box. In the photograph is a hundred-dollar bill wrapped around a deck of cards and one folded playing card. The performer says he folded the card so the person cannot see what it is. The performer offers to play a game of chance with the participant. All the participant has to do to win the $100.00, is to select any card that is NOT the same as the folded card inside the box. His odds of winning the money are 51 out of 52.

A deck of cards is spread face-up. The participant is given a free choice of any card. NO FORCE. That card is left face-up on the table. After some byplay, the performer offers the participant a quarter to give up his chance. Whether he accepts or declines, the participant (not the performer) opens the folded card that was inside the box. It is identical to the one he freely selected. He does not win the $100.00. If he looks through the deck in the box, he will find the folded card is MISSING FROM THE DECK! At no time does the performer touch either the folded card or the deck inside the box! There are no switches of the folded card.

PRECOGNITIVE COLD-READING: A detailed (not vague) answer to a question asked by the client is found inside the box. The performer apparently wrote the answer before the person even asked it. This will convince the skeptics you are psychic. Takes cold-reading to a new level.

In all these effects, everything can be left for examination. This effect comes complete with the box and detailed directions on how to perform all these effects. The effects possible with the SANDA Panda Mystery Box are unlimited.

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Very good, but not miraculous Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 12th, 2010
When you read the descriptions of these effects, you're liable to think that these are either the most miraculous effects ever conceived, or the descriptions are somehow embellishing what really goes on. Well, surprisingly enough, the descriptions are actually quite accurate. There's just one part of the ad copy I dispute: the assertion that the box you are buying, "gives you the ability to make near impossible predictions." This is actually an effective psychological ploy that steers your mind away from what this actually is... because it's not the BOX that gives you this ability... it's something else that is included when you buy this effect.

This unnamed prop is something you are probably already very familiar with... and if you read the descriptions of the effects again, I'm sure you will be able to figure out exactly what this gimmick is.

So, is this a ripoff? Not at all... the routines are actually very creative. I have to say they are infinitely more deceptive than the usual routines that employ this gimmick, because at no point, as far as the spectator can tell, where you ever holding the prediction. It appears as if it's been in the box the entire time. And no, this doesn't utilize any awkward switches either. From the spectators perspective, you lift the box lid with empty hands, they immediately see the prediction inside, and they can reach in and get it.

So even though you may be initially disappointed if you didn't know what the gimmick actually was, these routines are exceptionally deceptive and well-conceived. But I don't think it would've hurt if Mr. Knight had been up-front and just explained in the ad copy that this was a collection of great routines performed with a so-and-so gimmick, rather than misdirecting people by focusing on the box.
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Sanda Panda Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 18th, 2012
When you receive the materials from Sanda Panda, you will receive a box. which for the most part if you want to purchase this routine, you will have to get the entire set up. Other boxes if this is worn out in the future can be purchased at any office supply store for cost effectiveness. One receives also a twenty page booklet the box and the gimmick. At the first glance one might perhaps be disappointed. It's good strong magic and simplistic.
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old wine new bottles Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 23rd, 2017
This is an Al Mann/John Smetana effect called ARCA put on in 1978!! Identical!! If your keeping track!!
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Sanda Panda Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 16th, 2012
not bad!
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