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Karnival Assassin Deck by Big Blind Media - Trick
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* Totally new back design, Ace Of Spades, Jokers and Tuck case. A cinematic and stylish look!!!

* Can be integrated with standard bicycle decks and both the Karnival and Karnival Midnight Deck for creating super cool routines!

* Brought to you by BigBlindMedia, the Bicycle Karnival Assassins Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.

* This incredible new limited edition design for the Bicycle Deck was created by renowned French artist Sam Hayles.

* The Karnival Assassins Deck uses a thick, high grade stock and is a dream to handle.

* An amazing (and super subtle) one way back design. You can spot reversed cards even in a tight face down ribbon spread!

* Two amazing card reveals built into the deck:
The bar code on the case has a 'hidden' Two Of Clubs
One of the Jokers has a '3 Of Diamonds' tucked into the band of his hat!

* Included free in the deck is a double backer and a special BigBlindMedia card which features a '10 Of Spades' reveal! Keep it in your wallet and you have the makings of a miracle on you at all times!!)

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 20th, 2010
The good: The art-work on the Ace of Spades, the backs and the Jokers are awesome. The promo card is also a gaff / prediction card which I have not seen before. These are the reasons I bought 3 of these to try out.

The bad: The rest of the cards, including the court-cards, have absolutely ordinary faces. The only thing that differs from a regular bicycle deck on these cards is the backs.

The ugly: The cards themselves are of very low quality. I guess that when it comes to the $6 / deck range I've been spoiled by decks like Arcanes, Black Tigers and Shadow Masters. The art-work aside, $3 - $4 gets you decks like Masters or Ghosts which last a really long time. A deck of Karnival Assassins did not last me a day before they started to warp and clump. I wouldn't care if these were $3 / deck but for $6 I expect quality. There is no way that you can walk around at a party or event handling these with sweaty palms. These are a deck to use strictly for game night with your buddies and considering that, $6 is too expensive.

If someone from Big Blind Media reads this: my suggestion, as a paying customer with lots of loyalty and money to spend on companies that treat me well, is to have these printed on a high quality stock, and do something creative with the cards other than the Ace of Spades. Even if that means only using different colours to match the blood-red feel of the backs it would make these worth $6. Otherwise lower the price. I can't recommend these and I will not be buying more.
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Woah. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
Allow me to start of by saying I have NEVER seen a deck of cards like this before in my life. There have been hard hitting back designs (Raiders, Propagandas) then there have been white back designs (ghosts, certain Tiger decks)... But NEVER before has there been an amazingly detailed, strikingly original WHITE, hard-hitting back design like this before.

These are KILLER. I can't speak of the artwork and do it justice; you really have to hold these babies in your hands to feel how good these really look.

In addition, the stock leaves NOTHING to be desired. This is a perfect stock; perfect little bit of extra thickness and that durability that we love. The last deck of these that I had I flourished with for WEEKS before having to crack open a new pack.

Plus, the price. While 6 bucks isn't SUPER cheap for a pack of cards, these things are worth it. Intense, durable... pick up one... or two... or twelve today.
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