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The Roy DVD by Roy Zaltsman and Roy Yozevitch - DVD
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Roy Zaltsman and Roy Yozevitch are good friends as well as professional Israeli mentalists. They decided to share their best kept secrets. Learn ten engaging mind reading effects which will mesmerize your audience, in a fun, young spirited and clear manner, with no unnecessary fillers, or tedious explanations.

In this DVD there is something for everyone: learn how to take the classics and apply creatively techniques, to turn them into fresh and innovative ideas for stage and close-up. This is all about real world mind reading, with time tested practical workers, which can easily be delivered in a casual way.

  • Two secrets - A real magician-fooler! The mentalist proves that he knew in advance which card the spectator would pick and its exact location in the deck.
  • Q 4 U 2 NO.1 - Impromptu version of the 'Question & Answer' effect. Neither switches nor dummy billets required.
  • Divine numbers - begin by revealing a sum of an unknown list of numbers written by the spectator, and top it off with a surprising prediction at the end.
  • Q 4 U 2 NO.2 - Yet another Q&A routine using Zaltsman's modification of the famous Annemann's billet switch.
  • Places - 7 chairs, 7 volunteers, exact match, and a prediction with a twist...
  • Feminine intuition - Predict a randomly selected volunteer and the object which she thought of.
  • Just in your mind - A spectator visually selects a card, only to find that the card was never in the deck, but in his pocket all along...
  • Folded card in mouth - This is Roy Zaltsman's long standing opening act, which never ceases to confound the audience!
  • Headline prediction - learn the real work on a classic. A strong version of the effect by Roy Yozevitch.
  • Stiff arm - Truly a case of mind over matter in this self persuasion effect; you won't believe it until you try it!
Running Time Approximately 87 min

Note: DVD is PAL format and can be viewed on computers with a DVD drive.

"I seldom endorse products; however 'Roy' - a DVD from two Israeli innovators, Roy Zaltsman and Roy Yozevitch - is the exception. Their concepts are clever, their personalities are engaging, and their teaching style is casual and comfortable. Roy offers abundant value and solid thinking."
- Lee Earle

"The Roy DVD is a nice collection of practical effects that has something for everyone. Roy Zaltzman's Q4U2 is a real world, straight forward worker that you'll put to use immediately. I know I will be."
- Seth Kramer

"I watched it. Wonderful! Wonderful! This DVD is full of routines and ideas that are ready to go into anyone's act. Loved it! There are lots of great routines, touches, subtleties and presentations!"
- Greg Arce

"Over the years I have been very privileged to learn some mind-blowing mental effects from some amazing Israeli magic friends. Roy Zaltsman is very high on my list. This new DVD should be banned. It is too good to share. Absolutely brilliant."
- Dr. Anthony Darkstone, International Deputy, Society of American Magicians

"...the Roy DVD is an excellent piece of work - real world methods and handlings by two very clever and entertaining guys. If you don't have this, get it now! "
- Bob Cassidy

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 6th, 2014
I bought this DVD specifically to learn a close up Q&A routine. Boy am I glad I got this one!

Q 4 U No. 1 and Q 4 U No. 2 are fantastic! If you want to learn how to do a close up Q&A routine for one or two people, that you can do impromptu, anytime, anywhere, get this DVD!

Of the two methods taught, my favorite is Q 4 U No. 1. It's so clean and surprisingly easy to do.

The teaching is excellent and thorough with detailed, step-step instructions. This video and audio production values are high.

Highly recommended
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They are suave! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
The Roy DVD By Roy Zaltsman and Roy Yozevitch
I bought this DVD straight from ROY because I thought this DVD wasn't going to be in FULL production. Then I see it is here on Penguin..Oh well :D
* Two secrets - 10/10 Killer! Do this for your magician friends. A multi-phase mentalism type routine. You divine a card. You locate where it is in their deck without touching it. You take out your deck and have the spectator count down the same amount of cards and matches there deck. Refer to Jaun for memorized deck work! This isn't a straight out of the box effect.
* Q 4 U 2 NO.1 - Great impromptu Q&A act. This one will take practice with the angles
* Divine numbers - begin by revealing a sum of an unknown list of numbers written by the spectator, and top it off with a surprising prediction at the end.
* Q 4 U 2 NO.2 - Anther impressive routine
* Places - I don't need to find any more chair tests this one is killer
* Feminine intuition - Great impromptu work. You may need to meet people before hand but this will be a great addition to a stage show piece for people that work the stage.
* Just in your mind - Trying to be Derren Brown? Well this is it! A miraculous take on the vanishing card and you don't need a fully gimmicked deck!
* Folded card in mouth - I've seen many plots for this effect I found one I will use finally! Very fooling. Even great for stage. 10/10
* Headline prediction - Roy is a real genius with this effect.
* Stiff arm - I performed this on the streets of San Diego. A very David Blain-esque effect that is magical in method. Impromptu stunts!!! 10/10


Teaching: These guys are professionals and show you step by step with almost everything you need. Of course they don't teach you a memorized stack.

The DVD is great quality from these Israel magicians.

Difficulty: This stuff isn't for the beginner, this is for magicians with some knowledge of basic sleights and mentalism work.

Applications: Almost all these methods were new to me. This stuff goes from Stage to strolling which makes the price of the DVD worth it. Take in mind these guys are professionals.
Overall Rating: 10/10 I don't do stage stuff normally but if I do I will refer to this DVD
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