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Quantum Mechanics by Irving Quant and Dan & Dave - DVD
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Quantum Mechanics is a new DVD from Irving Quant revealing a selection of his finest card magic and an awesome new technique for controlling not just a single card, but multiple cards in a way you probably never imagined. He calls it the Distribution Technique, and in our opinion, unlocks a whole new level for card magicians.

What is the Distribution Technique?
The Distribution Technique is a utility move, like the Clip Shift, that can be applied to literally endless applications. On this DVD, Irving explains many of its possibilities with several of his favorite effects.

Who is Irving Quant?
Irving Quant is a practitioner of the technical and historical aspects of magic as well as a working professional. He is a student of the great René Lavand.


Immediately after any four of a kind, let's say the Kings, are clearly shown on top, the pack is riffled causing them to vanish. The cards are then spread to show the Kings are now evenly distributed face-up throughout the deck.

Katana Spread
A mysterious production of four cards that visually appear face-up as the deck is spread across the table.

Pure Slap
The four Kings are face-up on top of the deck as the spectator places the four aces face-up throughout the deck. The cards are cleanly squared with nothing to see. With just a riffle of the cards, the Kings and Aces instantly transpose. The four Aces are now on on top and in the center are the four Kings. This is without a doubt the most direct handling of this classic effect. There is no setup and it can be instantely repeated.

Back Slap
Back Slap is a variation of Pure Slap that has fooled many magicians and is great for your most skeptical spectators.

Samurai Kut
From a shuffled deck, the cards are tossed onto a table. As the cards land, they break into four even packets. The spectator can now turn over the top card of each to reveal the four Aces.

Nyquist 1
The four Kings are placed face-up on top of the deck. Four selections are now removed and clearly inserted back into the deck. Everthing is squared. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish from the top. The deck is spread out to show the Kings are now face-up throughout the deck and directly next to each selection.

Nyquist 2
In this variation of Nyquist 1, having four selections isn't necessary. After the four Kings are removed from the deck, they are set aside. The deck is now spread to show all the cards are face down. The cards are squared and the Kings placed on top. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish. The cards are now respread to reveal the Kings are now face-up in different parts throughout the deck.

This is a beautiful version of Bill Goodwin's Slap Exchange. Continuing with the theme of four card transpositions, Ricochet delivers like no other. Similar in effect to Pure Slap, but with the most surprising kicker that leaves no explantion.

Ace Cutting 1
Irving's tribute to John Scarney's 'Cutting to The Aces'. After the cards have been thorougly mixed, you prove that no breaks, crimps or jogs will be used. You then proceed to cut to the four Aces.

Ace Cutting 2
Similar in effect to Ace Cutting 1, however, in this variation, you explain that the reason why you were able to cut to the Aces is because they were marked as you turn them over to show they're a different back design from the rest of the deck. It doesn't stop there though as you now turn over all the cards to show they're blank.


Distribution Technique
Many of the tricks on this DVD heavily rely on this technique. "It's a new priciple in card magic that allows for many new ideas." It's a technique for controlling multiple cards throughout the deck or the opposite of a multiple shift.

Thering Multiple Shift
Irving's method for controlling mulitple cards from the center of the deck to the top.

Atfus Variation
Irving's variation of the Atfus switch, a technique used to switch cards undercover. Extras: Multiple Peek Control Ambitions Kings Switch Location Theron's Trick.


  • Multiple Peek Control
  • Ambitious Kings
  • Switch Location
  • Theron's Trick

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With the utmost scrutiny, I give this 5 stars! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 9th, 2013
I have never given any product five stars before, I take my ratings very seriously and wait months, even years to make a full decision on how many stars I'm going to give something. I wrote a review for this longer than some short stories originally, but that got lost and it was probably too long anyway. I'll try to make this one short and to the point while at the same time; sincere, and believable.
First off I'd like to make a little disclaimer; If you do not have much experience with card magic yet, I feel that I should tell you that you will need to learn "some type" of pass to perform "some" of the material in the "same way that Irving does" in the trailer for this DVD. (and don't think I'm biased not taking a star away for that, I was not very experienced when I got the DVD and was upset when I found out that I needed to learn a pass. Don't be naive about it, if you are going to do card magic you are going to have to learn some kind or type of pass. It is more crucial than the double lift, I found that this is a rule that has been accepted for hundreds of years).
Now onto the rating of the material itself:
The Distribution Technique
I'll start with the practicality as I have heard many negative or doubtful things about the sleight in this regard. I’m telling you all right now that I have done this maneuver right in front of peoples faces “several times in a row” as they stare dead into my hands; only to have them honestly confess that they didn't see me do anything but what I said I was going to do (rub the deck little). I have left some people who are familiar with sleight of hand so oblivious that they though it was some kind of joke, as I did the same exercise with everything face down over and over again telling them to be more and more observant each time, and to try to catch what I was doing. I could tell, they simply didn't believe I was doing anything. If you practice well enough, that is the level of deceptiveness you can bring to this sleight.
Difficulty and Teaching
I never try to discriminate a sleight based on its difficulty, but I must say that I was relieved that mastering this move has been such a breeze, this is because of the moves organic design and Irving’s unbelievable teaching in the DVD. It’s the most addictive move I have ever come across, it is so simple to learn and practice, as you can do the move the same way with your body in nearly any position, sitting or standing or crouching, ect., the angles are totally intuitive, and it's fairly easy to get them right in a simple and deceptive manner. I have never enjoyed learning something quite this much.
DVD and Material Quality
This is probably the best quality “teaching DVD” there is, out of all the DVD’s I’ve gotten, this by far has the best menu set-up’s, the best HD video and auto resolution, and the best lighting (important!), I mean the best, it’s good! The material (tricks/effects) is no different, I found at least 95% of the effects in this DVD to be really good effects that I wanted to do, and easily could do with the Distribution Technique (and most of it without having to learn a pass), which is so rare among DVD releases.
I’ve seen allot of top magicians say that "this move or that move" has unlimited utility and use’s, and that it will take you’re card magic to the next level….. Well this move, is the only one so far, that “I”, will say such a thing about. It will not only change and elevate you, your magic, and your whole perspective in the art forever, but it has silently done so to the art itself. It truly has.
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Not practical. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 31st, 2011
While I very much appreciate the technical prowess and beauty of these effects, I don't feel that the method is very practical in most situations. It's brilliant, but simply too easy to be seen by spectators. I'm sure that someone is going to say that this is why you use misdirection, but it's simply too likely to fail due to people's tendencies to burn your hands when you're doing card tricks.

I would actually recommend that you buy this, because the method is very slick, and there are a few situations where it plays well, but overall I am very disappointed in the real world practicality of the distribution technique.

Perhaps a superior card-worker will get more mileage out of this, but for me it's been relegated to the bottom shelf and used as a gimmicky addition to a card cheat routine.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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creative but.... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 28th, 2011
the move inside is crwative and strong,however i really doubt it is feasible ,even thought you can do it really well,i still think the rythm is not good
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Really amazing utility move! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 7th, 2010
Ever since I purchased Chad Nelson's Surfaced DVD that teaches his amazing utility card sleight the Clip Shift, I have been searching for other great utility moves with a deck of cards. Which is EXACTLY what Irving Quant teaches in this DVD, and I have really been enjoying all of the different applications that you can accomplish using the Distribution Technique. Plus all of the other great sleights and card effects that are taught by Irving, are truly some amazing and ingenious sleights and effects.

However, the sleights needed to perform both the basic methods of this utility move and the effects made possible, will need quite a bit of practice. Since I love practicing magic just as much as I love performing magic, some others might find the moves taught within this DVD to be complicated. You will need much more than 10 minutes or even an hour of practice to feel confident enough to share this beautiful array of sleights to your spectators.

As with all truly great utility moves, it would be wise to give all of the sleights the proper practice and time they deserve. So if anyone reading this is a move monkey, like myself, I highly suggest purchasing this DVD and you will have some absolutely, tremendous great sleights and effects at your disposal that will truly drop jaws where ever you perform!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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