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Nevermore by Mat L'Anoire - DVD
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Nevermore - 10 Mental effects by Dave Forrest & Mat L'Anoire

Expanding on the release of Mat L'Anoire's best selling ebook, Nevermind,
Full 52 is proud to present 'Nevermore'. A collection of 10 killer mentalism
effects by Dave Forrest and Mat L'Anoire.

On this new release you'll learn incredble, practical mentalism that will go straight into your performance repertoire. This material is bursting with commercial appeal, jam packed with devious fakery and literally dripping with surefire deception!

Here's what's in store...

In ALONE you'll be able to have a spectator name ANY CARD and then show that it's the ONLY CARD IN THE CARD CASE! This effect has been closely guarded for years, having only been divulged occasionally in Dave's lectures.

In SOULS you'll cause a freely thought of card to MATERIALISE under a spectators hand! Easy to do and includes a brilliant 'peek case' that has a million other uses and could have been released as a stand alone item!

In SIGHT you'll accurately predict the cards on either side of a Joker that was pushed into the deck BY THE SPECTATOR WHILE THEY HOLD THE PACK! No moves, no sleights, no joke - a flat out MIRACLE!

In ISOLATION you can accurately predict the serial number of a spectators own bank note! Learn the construction of an ingenius 'switch device' that is limited only by your imagination!

In COIN CON you have your spectator accurately divine the value of a coin inside an envelope! The perfect 'carry everywhere' effect! No force, no equivoque - 100% guaranteed correct prediction EVERY TIME!

In MONICKER you will reveal the card a person is thinking of...and the person isn't even there! An engaging presentation disguises a diabolical method! This is Dave's go-to card effect if he's handed a deck of cards and asked to 'do something'.

In RAPPORT your spectator will stop you on the mate to a card you placed in your pocket FROM A SHUFFLED DECK! A super slick, impromptu version of the stop trick! It's a classic for a reason!

Running Time: Approximately 2hr 13mins

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 8th, 2016
(This review is for Nevermore by Mat L'Anoire - DVD)
The effects are easy to perform and well thought out. I don't need to use words like "killer effect" and all the hyperbole sometimes used to tell you the effects in this DVD will entertain and mystify your audience. For me personally I really enjoyed Dave's laid back style and easy going manner which taught me as much as the actual effects themselves. The only criticism is sometimes I had a difficult time understanding the British accent. Other than that well worth the price and the only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 stars was the accent thing.
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Good value for the price! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 1st, 2015
(This review is for Nevermore by Mat L'Anoire - DVD)
There's plenty of good material here. I particularly liked "Alone," "Souls," and "Sight." The ad copy is a bit misleading for "Alone," though. It's not like they can name any card in the deck off the top of their head. Like other effects, there is a process of elimination (as in other effects) to end up with one card. Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice effect that got me thinking of other presentations.

Also, there are no live performances in a bar, restaurant, house party, etc. He basically presents each effect to the same female friend of his at a table. Dave's a nice guy, but his performance style on this DVD is very dry, and his lady friend seemed only mildly amazed with most of the effects. So don't get this DVD to see great showmanship or David Blaine-style reactions.

I still give this DVD 5 Stars because the effects are so solid (Dave Forrest is a great thinker). 10 mental effects for only $8.77 at Penguin??? (The lowest price anywhere.) Most creators would have put this out for $35-$40 (on up)!
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