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Night Shade Coin Set (Coins and DVD) by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop - DVD
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From the creator of the Mirage Coin set, Split Happens and Flipped Out comes a revolutionary new coin set - Night Shade. The possibilities with the set are endless and will allow you to perform coin magic you never thought possible. Nightshade comes complete with all the precision made gimmicks that you will require to perform the routines described on the DVD.

Triple C - Imagine performing a coins across with a Chinese Coin, a Copper Coin and a Silver coin. Now imagine the spectator deciding the order that the coins travel.

Commercial Copper Silver - The cleanest transposition sequence you will EVER see. A copper and a silver coin change places in full view over and over again. Pure eye candy!

Double Kicker - A copper and a silver coin materialise out of nowhere. Just when the spectator thinks they know where the coins are - they change into two Chinese coins!

Night Shade - The feature routine in Craig's award winning competition act. Three coins are produced, jump from fingertip to fingertip and finally vanish leaving your hands completely empty.

Shades of Imagination - A coin effect that happens entirely in the spectator's imagination, featuring an ending that you have to see to believe.

Night Worker - This routine is worth the price of the DVD alone. A complete act designed for the restaurant worker that takes The humble coin flurry in an entirely new direction.

Includes 4 Precision made gimmicked coins

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Good but incomplete Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 30th, 2012
The package says you get four gimmicked coins, but that's not true. One of the coins is just an English penny, completely normal, and the DVD makes mention of this as one in your set. While the penny is useful for a couple of the routines, what is not good is the fact that this set is missing a Chinese coin, even though the descriptions specifically mention it on two effects as being a part of the routines. That is inexcusable for the price of this set, especially considering one of the coins is an English penny, which I'm pretty sure only cost a penny to get.

He mentions you'll need to get a contrasting coin of the same size as a half dollar or English penny. He talks about using a British two-pound coin (since he's in Britain and they're easy to get). In the USA, that means you can use a...nothing. Just telling you ahead of time that ordering this set will mean you need to go ahead and throw the Chinese coin in the cart.

So what do you get here? Two different split coins, one shell (not expanded), and the penny. The DVD gives you six routines. While the gimmicked coins are nice, you'll still have to work on your moves to make these work. For the most part, you'll probably just use the DVD to jump start some ideas of your own.

For the money you spend on this, the failure to include all the necessary coins right out of the box is unbelievable. However, the quality of the three gimmicks is very good.
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Recommended Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 3rd, 2015
A very well made coin set - two split-coins (a Penny and a Half-Dollar) as well as another Penny and a shell - and a good DVD (which could have been even better with a performers eye-view too) to go with them.
I also recently bought Johnny Wong's "Dream Coin Set" so I am compelled to compare the two sets. This one is $50 more expensive but has twice as many coins in and the split-coins have a Teflon lining (for silence) which Johnny's do not. But the Johnny Wong set are slightly slimmer so look more real. I also prefer the method used for the shell on Johnny's set. But because of all you get with this one more routines are possible.
Recommended but like all well made coin sets rather expensive.
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