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Four Told by Devin Knight
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The performer shows a chart consisting of five colored ESP symbols. He invites four people to participate. Each participant is asked to just think of an ESP symbol shown on the chart. The participants write nothing down, they just think of a symbol. There are no restrictions. Each person could be thinking of a different symbol, or they all could be thinking of the same symbol. They do not share their thoughts with each other. The performer begins to get impressions and calls out three symbols. He says, "If I have called out the symbol you are thinking of, please close your eyes and draw the symbol in your mind."

The performer then tells the participants to open their eyes and clear their minds. He then asks them to concentrate on the colors of their symbols. The performer then begins to call out colors he is getting strong impressions of. He says, "If I have called out the color you are thinking of, please close your eyes and visualize it in your mind."

The performer does not ask any questions. The participants say nothing; they just close their eyes and think. The performer takes an ESP deck and hands each participant a face-down card. Only after each person is given a face-down card does the performer ask the participants to reveal their thought-of symbols. Amazingly, when the face-down ESP cards are shown, they match each participant's thought-of symbol.

For a stunning climax, the performer points to several people in the audience and asks if they were also thinking of a symbol. With no questions or fishing, the performer then reveals the symbols just thought of by members of the audience.

All this is done without any pre-show work of any kind!


Comes with a full color plastic chart designed to last a lifetime and detailed directions. Easy to do. Use any ESP deck.


"I forecast that "Four Told" will become a classic of mentalism -- it's that direct, engaging, and inexplicable. A satisfyingly devious method is at work, and the straightforward presentation apparently negates trickery of any kind."
- Jerry Dunn

"Brilliant! Brilliant! I never thought it would work this easily. ****ing Brilliant!"
- Greg Acre

"Absolutely Brilliant. If I were to find any fault with "FOUR TOLD" it is that it is W-A-Y underpriced. It is worth many times the selling price to the working mentalist, it will DEFINITELY become a regular feature in my show!"
- Dick Christian

"Four Told is brilliantly clever and mind boggling to any spectator! A perfect Mentalism effect to inject into any stage or close-up performance.
-Jason Ring

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Outstanding! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 4th, 2012
(This review is for Four Told by Devin Knight)
Don't agree with Ed. It *looks* like it would be easy to figure out, but anyone who backtracks (if they *can* think back through) will realize that the mentalist isn't getting enough info to use process of elimination, or some such thing, for 4 people and 5 possibilities. And if you use the advanced methods, it's even more difficult to figure out. As in most mentalism, presentation is everything. Fortunately, Knight, as always, goes over every nuance of the performance. The method is really arcane and just isn't going to occur to anyone. Best of all, this routine requires no gimmicks or sleights or hokey-looking props. And it is virtually foolproof. This is really baffling to people, and, if presented well, with good acting, it is top-notch mentalist entertainment. I think this is the best of Knight's many outstanding routines.
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Really good editing to fool us for buying it Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 5th, 2016
(This review is for Four Told by Devin Knight)
With my 26 years of experience in magic I have never been disappointed this in my life before. This is my third want to work and it is not at all practical to do so. What time are say hats off to the people who have edited on the right time to make the video so deceptive
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Does this really fool anyone? Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 11th, 2011
(This review is for Four Told by Devin Knight)
Well, I am the first to admit that any effect is all presentation. I don't think Max Maven could pull this off, the method is so easily figured out, even a pre-school kid will get it. I have many ESP card effects and thought this would be a nice addition, well, I was wrong.
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