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Miracle Monte (20 Bicycle Cards and DVD) by Wolfgang Moser . - DVD
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Building on the work of Michael Skinner, Eddie Taytelbaum, and Harry Anderson, Moser's Miracle Monte is an astounding sequence with an unforgettable ending.

You use the simplest of props: three cards held together with a paperclip. Yet using just these cards (and the clip at one point), you blur the line between slight of hand and real magic in three amazing phases. This monte routine is designed so that you handle the cards at a deliberate pace; there is no mixing. Instead, the money card seems to appear, as if by magic, where it is least expected.

But the ending is what the spectators will remember. To give the audience a blatant edge, you tear a corner from the money card. With this advantage, no amount of mixing can obscure where the torn, money card resides. STILL the money card reappears where it is least expected...an impossible finish - a Miracle Monte

Contains 20 gimmicks, a 30-minute instructional DVD and a bonus effect. Moser's Miracle Monte is a practical routine that will fit perfectly into your close-up repertoire. Bicycle Mandolin Cards included.

Running Time Approximately: 29min

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The best monte... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 10th, 2015
Yep, that is correct. In my opinion,this is the best Monte out there. It'll take a little bit of extra technique that is easily learned (the DVD is good). And, the finale of tearing off the corner of the card is a killer. You'll get a wide range of expressions from "huh..." to "how did you do that..." to "what the f**k" when you flip the torn card and it's not the ACE. Uh oh...
FYI...you get 20 gimmicked cards which you will probably breeze right through very quickly and, get this...PM being as great as they are as our/my "go to" magic supplier, doesn't have refills available. Penguin, what's up with that?
For that reason, I didn't purchase it here. I went to Vanishing Magic for the main illusion AND a few packs of refills.
In closing, kudos to PM for allowing this posted review.
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Curious? Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2015
It's hard to believe that there are no reviews on this wonderfully magical version of a 3 Card Monte routine. Wolfgang has taken various moves from a few different routines that have been out for a while. And what a nice job he did. The kicker ending is worth the price of admission! This one will require adequate practice to make it flow. I love having tricks that are this strong and so few people even realize that they exist....You've been warned!...Seriously, a sure fire worker...Peace
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