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Special Effects by Harry Lorayne - Book
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IMPROMPTU CARD MAGIC- new "killer" effects, routines, ideas, concepts (that Harry has kept to myself for years) - are now HERE in his latest book: Special Effects.

"More than 50 impromptu, any deck, effects that you will LOVE - I guarantee it!" - Harry Lorayne

About Face, Triple Take, About Face - And Collect!, Two Between, The Hopless Hop, A Much Better Chance (strong poker demo.), Nine To Twelve, Don't Blink, Tantalizer Treatise, Royalt(ra)y, Your Favorite Card, Magic Jacks, Collect Again, Side To Side, Universal Triumph, Devilish Switch, Royal Impossibility, Sandwich Ramblings, Choices!, About Counts -- and so many more -- are items you'll use for the rest of your magic life!

"Over 241 photos of my hands and cards make it easy for you to learn them all quickly - I do not use or teach difficult sleights (because I can't do them!)." - Harry

Pages: 202 - 9" x 6" - Hardcover with dustjacket - Black and white photos

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Overpriced and disappointed. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 13th, 2015
First off I am a fan of Harry's books over the years and have them all. I was however disappointed with this one because of the following:

1) its overpriced at >$80. I now it is subjective and that one item used can justify the $$ etc. etc....however the size and content of this one really does not justify the price tag (should be closer to $30). Harry's really taking his fans to the cleaner here, escpecially considering #2

2)Harry really cannibalizes his other books in this one.A lot of the stuff is rehashes of items in his other books. He takes a lot of space in the book to describe moves that have been described many times in his other books. (I understand this keeps the book complete) The thing that bothered me the most was that he included an entire section of tricks from one of his other books that I paid big bucks for. Now I paid for this same material again.Not cool.

3)Not what I consider practical professional routines. More of the enthusiast type routines requiring dealing, spelling etc.(Nothing inherently wrong with this, just the whole book is mostly this type of thing).

4) Its a small thing but Harry keeps double referencing his books because he re-wrote them in the classic collection books. To me this is slightly annoying and comes across as constant advertising throughout the book.

Not writing this to bash Harry (as he is a great writer and a legend) just thought people buying this should know what they are getting for the high price tag on this relatively small book.
Because of these things. I can't recommend this book to anyone, except maybe the most hardcore Lorayne fans that want to collect anything he has written.
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Great. Just as I expected. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 1st, 2012
I got the book and (no surprise), it was awesome. I don't hesitate to purchase anything with Harry's name on it. He doesn't put out garbage. He only gives us high quality and usable material. Harry's books are like no other. He doesn't just spoon feed you tricks. He explains them well and gives the thinking behind them. He doesn't write like a robot. When you read his stuff, he's very personable and down to earth. He doesn't just teach tricks; he gives ideas that you can use to get your creative juices flowing. He really is one of a kind. Don't let the price scare you away. The book is worth every penny. And you get more bang for your buck buying his book, than buying one-trick ponies and other effects that will probably be thrown in the drawer. Another thing about many of his tricks: They are challenging and get you thinking on your feet. He has a lot of tricks that are not cut and dry. Many of them have multiple possible outcomes and you are required to act based on present circumstances. You ask "Why bother?" Well it's these types of tricks that are virtually impossible to deconstruct. The spectator will assume that whatever outcome was supposed to happen, but they'll never be able to figure out the HOW. Get it? But there are plenty of other straight forward tricks that you can use. All in all, Harry's material is superb. If you're into cards and are serious about them, then his material is a must-have. Get everything with his name on it. His Classic Collections Series, this book, and his 4 DVD's. Get them all. They are worth their weight in gold. He doesn't waste your time and energy with nonsense. He knows what works in the real world. Add to Cart!!!
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Please Don't Buy This Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 2nd, 2012
Don't have this book yet, but anything by Harry is worth it's weight in gold. Harry's magic is practical and effective. No pipe dreams. I guarantee you will find usable material. Not only is his magic superb, his teaching style is phenomenal and legendary. I am saving up to buy this, so please do not purchase this book. I don't want them to sell out. Buy something else please. Thanks.
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