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pal #8 Lorayne video Ever
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It's true: When Harry Lorayne teaches on camera, it's almost as if he's sitting with you in your own living room, helping and guiding you. It will be hard for you to decide which you enjoy more - the performances or Harry's explanations. As he teaches a particular routine, he also teaches each sleight, each move, the psychology, the proper attitude to take. Watching Harry Lorayne is watching impromptu close-up magic at its best. Each and every effect, idea, routine in this entire series can be done with a borrowed deck of cards. You'll be thrilled by Harry Lorayne's performing/teaching ability, by his judgment, selectivity, attention to detail. Harry never abandons you during an explanation; whatever he teaches, he teaches thoroughly, walking you through it hand in hand. Be prepared to sit, watch, enjoy - and learn!

Volume Eight

  • DEAL AND DUCK — With minds like Bill Simon and Harry Lorayne, there’s no way you can go wrong. Here’s a blockbuster concept that requires no sleight of hand at all.
  • MANIPULATIVE ACES — Do you want people to talk about your fantastic, incredible, card handling? You do? Just learn this.
  • TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER — This was one of Harry’s favorites out of Close-Up Card Magic, way back in 1962. It still is. See it performed by, and learn it from, the master.
  • TAG ALONG ACES (Richard Vollmer) — This is so strong! The camera’s eye widened at the end when the three aces materialized.
  • THE AMBITIOUS CARD ROUTINE — Put any deck of cards in Harry’s hands and this is the first routine he’ll do for laymen. You can’t possibly do stronger card magic than this.
  • MATHEMATICAL AFFINITY — Learn how you can hide a mathematical principle and have a blockbuster effect on your hands.
  • REVERSE FARO ENDING — Multiply “utilitarian” by one hundred! You’ll never again be at a loss as to how to end a selected-card trick—or how to magically find the last ace in a four-ace routine.
  • SUPER LOCATION — You’ll fool all your magician friends with this one. (Just as you will with all the other effects in this series.) It sure fooled the roomful of magicians during the taping.
  • COLOR-CHANGING DECK — There have been many color-changing deck routines. We challenge anyone to find a better one than Harry’s.
  • VANISHING DECK — Wow! What a way to end your card session—just make the deck disappear. No gimmicks.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
(This review is for pal #8 Lorayne video Ever)
I have never really liked Harry Loryane. He is a little too arrogant and his performance style is a little too bouncing off the walls for me. This DVD series isn't an exception. Many of the trick plots are just repeated over and over with a little twist or different story. I feel for the audience. They must have really wanted to be there to have put up with 10 volumes worth of this repetition.

However, this dvd does have one good effect. Harry's Ambitious card routine. It isn't the best ever, but at least it's something different

spend your money on Easy to master card miracles or Lorayne's Apocalypse books.
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