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Burning Connection by Andy Amyx
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Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet?

The Burning Connection wallet will ignite your business card. When you extinguished the card it then can be handed to a spectator as your "Burning Connection" This is absolutely one of the most impressive ways to presents your business card. The wallet is hand crafted. These wallets feature a thin rechargeable battery. Completely silent gimmick when the card is ignited and a safety on and off switch has been built into each wallet to prevent misfires.

This wallet cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Includes a USB battery recharger for the wallet!

Japanese translation available.

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Burning Connection Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2012
(This review is for Burning Connection by Andy Amyx)
One of the smallest wallets out there ... which is good, great electronics and USB charging.

The pocket that holds the "primed" cards MUST be replaced.... get Business Card holders from your local office supplier. The PVC one included can melt quite easily. Easy to remove and replace, just cut to size and double sided tape.

Beware not too close the wallet too fast or hard if the ******* is hot, it will burn a hole in the plastic wallet inside. NOT a big problem since you probably won't be showing the inside of this gimmick.

Despite these shortcommings, it is probably the best "burning card" wallet out there at the moment
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Thank you Joel for your Review Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 19th, 2013
(This review is for Burning Connection by Andy Amyx)
Hi Joel,

Thank you for the review on Penguin magic. There will be changes made to the new batch of burning connection wallets. First is to protect the plastic from the fire. I never have a problem with the plastic and the wallet. But I have been doing it for years. And it seems that you are not the only one that the plastic is melting on their wallets. That is an easy fix and will be on the new wallets. Also I might have the button moved down in the lower right corner. But you stated you cant open the wallet without people seeing the gimmick. You can because the business cards are in front of the button and the coil. What else would you like to see make it better? I also made the button visible for the magicians WHO I know would complain about the button placement if they could not see it. Anyway let me know what you would like to see changed. I always want to make my products better. Thanks Joel!!

Andy Amyx
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Excellent! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 6th, 2012
(This review is for Burning Connection by Andy Amyx)
I love it! This is way better than my fire wallet. Very well made and it holds quite a few business cards.
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Cheap Rip off. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 2nd, 2012
(This review is for Burning Connection by Andy Amyx)
Jim Pace's electric hot leads is way better, but it is no longer being sold. I actually closed a number of big gigs because the client kept my business card for a number of months in her wallet and kept telling everyone about how "this magician set his business card on fire."

Andy Amyx's version that is being sold here... you can only burn one card at a time and then re-soak the cards one at a time (even though he claims you can load 4 or 5 - it is not really workable nor recommended, unlike Jim Pace's electric hot leads). The positioning of the heating element is also very bad... it is at the back of the cards rather that in contact with the front of the card. That means that there is not enough air at times for the card to light up and it tends to cause a small burn mark where the heating element is. Jim Pace's one does not do this and you can indeed load multiple cards with Jim Pace one. Also... if you do have some excess fuel in the plastic pouch left over in the wallet, be aware that the pouch is made of plastic (of all things!) unlike Jim Pace's one which is a leather part of the wallet with metal insert and therefore fire resistant. The plastic construction of Andy Amyx's pouch meant that the fuel inside the pouch might catch fire and when you close the wallet to put it out, the plastic actually seals itself up so that the opening of the pouch becomes permanently sealed! Pretty stupid design. With this device, you cannot show the inside of the wallet when you open it. In comparison, with Jim Pace electric hot leads, you can look at the whole inside of the wallet as a spectator and will not see a thing. Not to mention, this one has a badly positioned button which makes it almost impossible to press it when there is a card (or a few cards) infront of it. In comparison, the Jim Pace's Electric Hot Leads one has a different position of the button and it does not even look like a button and a spectator can look at it and not even realise it is a button. The owner of a shop who sold this to me also bought one for himself and his wallet spoilt in just a few days. He had to get another one, and when he did, the plastic pouch on his wallet also sealed up after using it and he had to source for more plastic pouches at a stationary shop and replace it. I too had to buy a more durable plastic "pouch for the wallet".

In my opinion, this is the worst purchase I made in the last 6 months (And I do purchase a lot from various sources). I think Burning Connections is a cheap ripped off of Jim Pace's electric hot leads. I am usually very generous when it comes to giving high review for magic props, but in all honestly. This is a really badly made product. The only reason this would be better than the Jim Pace version is that this has a on/off switch to prevent accidental mis-fires. But it is really an inferior version.

Perhaps Penguin magic might want to explore the possibly of getting Jim Pace's Electric Hot Leads back on the market. That is a fantastic card-on-fire wallet. Andy Amyx's one is terrible. Sad to see such a poorly made product being released by such a big name in magic.
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