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The Multiple Revelation Project (2 DVD's and booklet) by Vanishing Inc - DVD
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The Multiple Revelation may well be the ultimate card trick. The magician has ten to fifteen spectators each select a card and then finds them in a dazzling array of increasingly impressive ways. It involves the entire audience, uses just an ordinary deck of cards, can be performed in any environment and looks incredibly skilful (even though it need not be difficult to perform). It's the kind of trick that people remember for years afterwards.

Consisting of two DVDs and a book, The Multiple Revelation Project is a unique way of learning this reputation-making routine. The first DVD focuses on everything you need to know to perform this unique effect, including six of the best ways to control cards. The second DVD teaches over 65 different ways to reveal the spectator's selection. Together, the set teaches you how to add improvisation to your magic and use the best controls, revelations and gags for your particular audience. No performance will ever be the same again.

Whether you are an amateur performing at a party, a professional doing walkaround, or a hobbyist at a dinner party this DVD set will be an incredible addition to your arsenal of moves.

Between them, professional close-up magicians Andi Gladwin and Rob James have been closing their performances with this routine for over fifteen years. There are no better people to teach you how to close your act with it too.

Included: 2 DVDs, a full-color book and a beautiful slipcase.

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Good for beginners in Card Magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 6th, 2013
This is exhalent for people just starting out in Card Magic. It basically gives them a very versatile arsenal of ways to reveal peoples selected cards. If you are a pro however you have probably heard of or do almost all of these revelations already so I wouldn't recommend it to you. Also the multiple revelation routines on there are very well put together. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is intermediate or below in card magic, because they will definitely get something out of this.
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Excellent! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 3rd, 2012
This is an excellent set of DVDs and booklet! They really covered it very thoroughly. One slight negative is they have a section on how to break up selecting cards for a large number of spectators with humor. While they do have some good ideas, and I wouldn't say they are the funniest performers. Also, I would say that humor or some other way of keeping it entertaining is really critical to a good multiple revelation routine.
So, I would recommend watching other performers to get ideas for humor. All of the Mel Mellers DVDs are great (He has comments about people's clothes, comments for couples, comments about entire tables, etc.). Penguin has all the Mel Mellers DVDs and I would recommend getting them ALL. Gazzo has a unique, some would say offensive humor and if you don't like his style, you can tone it down (His street cups DVD is excellent!). John Archer's DVDs are all very funny. I would also suggest getting some comedy DVDs and use them for inspiration, as well as writing down funny lines from movies.
I highly recommend this item.
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YES !! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 27th, 2012
I have done muliple revelation effects before, never like this!

Easy, step by step demonstrations and instructions have changed how I look at the entire effect.

DVD 2 where a ton of revlations explained helped me look at current effects I use in a different light and is worth the price by itself!

Very happy with the purchase
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Great for any skill level Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 18th, 2012
When I saw Ricky Jay close the first half of his act with this type of performance in the 80's, I was hooked and wanted to learn it. In the mid-90's, Aldo Colombini released "Fireworks" and gave us a great method to accomplish that. Now we have this release, which again demonstrates Aldo's method (along with another, harder one for the advanced card mechanic) but this time concentrates more on the "revelation" aspect of the effect. After you are taught how to control the numerous chosen cards, you are given dozens of different methods to reveal them. Some are incredibly creative and will take a good bit of practice, while others are easy and "filler" for the routine.

It doesn't matter about your skill level either. They go ahead and give a complete routine for beginners so you can get a feel for accomplishing this. As your skill and confidence builds, you are given the tools to break out into your own methods and make this routine completely your own. This is a great investment if you want a fun closer to your routine, or just want to really blow a group away at a party when they hand you a deck and say "Show us something".

The included booklet is nice for a reference later, but it would have been better to have had at least a few pictures in there to illustrate as well.
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