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Hide & Seek by James Brown and RSVP Magic - DVD
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Welcome to James Brown's 'Hide & Seek', a superb collection of routines using James' version of an old Pat Page idea. Playing Cards, Credit Cards, Books and Phones are all used in a series of superb magic effects that will blow your audience's minds.


Contents include:

Teleport - James latest 'go to' routine using a borrowed credit card and phone. Using the latest 'app' make their credit card vanish INTO their phone and then teleport it to your jacket pocket, inside your wallet. Now take the credit card and make their phone teleport instantly back into the wallet. Stunning and fast magic at it's finest.

Credit Card to Cash - A borrowed Credit Card VISIBLY changes into a bank note and then appears INSTANTLY inside your jacket pocket. Instant magic.

The Ultimate Book Test - Any book. Yes, ANY BOOK is borrowed and a word FREELY chosen by the spectator. The magician now predicts the THOUGHT of word, written on a business card. Impressive stuff, but now for the kicker finish. He removes his wallet from his jacket and explains that he even knew the title of the book before it was chosen. Inside his wallet, inside a sealed envelope is a card with the book name written on it! ANY BOOK, ANY WORD, ANYWHERE!

Perfect Poker - A card is thought of and the magician now asks the spectator to think of his perfect poker hand using that THOUGHT OF CARD (No force). The magician now tells the spectator the name of their card and then gives a kicker finish by producing the the entire THOUGHT OF POKER HAND from his jacket, inside his wallet! Brilliant.

No Palm Phone to Wallet - Borrow a phone, give them your wallet to hold and then take their phone and instantly vanish it! Remember they hold the wallet before their phone vanishes and yet when their number is dialled, their phone is ringing INSIDE THE WALLET, THEY'VE BEEN HOLDING! A real reputation maker.

Red Heat - The perfect Chicago Opener style routine using a thought if card.

Thought of Card Transpo - A THOUGHT OF CARD is named and a credit card borrowed. Visually the credit card changes into their thought of card and then instantly appears INSIDE THE MAGICIANS WALLET. No Palming and easy to do.

Runtime approximately: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Jacket required Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 25th, 2013
The main technique teached in this DVD is a good one, the main setback about it is that you required a jacket to perform it. If you are performing in a formal setting that´s Ok, but if you want to do it in a casual environment you must be wearing at least a blazer.
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props not included Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 19th, 2013
To be honest I a great fan of James Brown and I was expecting that this product will be complete as his other products so that once you practice you can go and perform. but as i have seen in other teaching videos hide and seek also happened to be an advertisement product for another product which is the wallet. I have a request to penguin magic please make sure that when some one eagerly buy some product from you he or she is expecting that the magic taught can be done as and when he practice or for me being a magician doing 8 hours of daily table hopping in a cruise ship will surely expect that this can be shown next day itself. but when i received i felt really sad and mad because apart from this hide n seek video i need to buy a wallet cost 0 and a fake iphone or a real iphone to do the real stuff which is the high light of hide n seek. I am still in search for a wallet which can be used for this purpose. And if you cannot completely reveal the secret because it a product of some one else your product is incomplete. atleast james should have revealed the construction of his wallet. well this is my honest review but I am still a great fan of James Brown. Awaiting for a new product of James very soon but I expect a complete one.
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This is SO Practical Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 15th, 2014
I haven't used this already, but I can see huge potential, and I know that I will be using this any time I am wearing a coat.

Cons: You might need a special wallet if you want to do it exactly the way he does it and it will take more practice than other tricks.

Pros: If you are at an intermediate stage in magic, and know how to gimmick envelopes, or if you already have a large loading wallet you will find this delightful. This is SO practical, and in my opinion has a very large pay off for the preparation and set-up that it requires. Also, it allows you to do something with a cell phone, which makes your magic super relevant and meaningful. Also, as a pro: He gives you ideas on how to use this as part of a larger routine with several steps. Some of the effects are more suited for openers(the ones that happen faster with their cel), others for fillers (those with cards, credit cards, and money), and others for closers (hose with multiple climaxes).
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