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pal #3 Mindbogglers video Dan Harlan
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Volume 3 - Party GamesWin at poker with all the cards face up or face down even when your opponent shuffles and deals, know your hand without looking, guarantee a win at a simple color matching game, pull a simple swindle with a classic card trick, thread a dozen strands through the eye of a single needle, remove a bra without removing any other clothing, and more! Don`t believe it`s possible? Wanna bet?Open Poker - Your opponent can`t winEighteen Card Poker - The cards are all good, he shuffles, he cuts, he deals, but YOU WIN every time!Ten Card Poker-You`ll win even when your opponent picks the cards for your hand, and you`ll know your hand before you look at it!Hole Card-You`ll know exactly what your hole card is even with a borrowed deck.Color Mates-This game seems fair, but you`ll win every stime when you know the secretA Gentleman`s Game-A joke, a trick & a scamCircus Card Trick-Sure bet sours for your markCooking the Circus-Scam the scammer with thisCooking the Cook-A double-cross for the wise guys, plus you`ll learn to use the forceOne Finger-Better than the Vulcan death grip, this actually worksStringing Along-A strange but fun contestEye Can-A dozen strands of thread through the eye of a single needle without breaking a sweatProm Date-Valuable information for the guysShort Bus-A story problem with seemingly impossible answers that are self-evidentThere`s A Catch-The classic game of "pricking the garter" with an endless loop of chainPitching Log-Non-transitive math finds a use!Newton`s Napkin-Your friend physics at workRinger-Penetration with a little twist

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