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Halloween Show by Tony Chris - DVD
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The Halloween Magic Show For Kids With Count Zackula DVD By Tony Chris

Tony Chris performs as his children's performer persona, Count Zackula in his Halloween magic family show. He has been performing this show for schools, shopping malls and corporate events for over 20 years and is one of the most in-demand children's entertainers in all of Canada. You will see a real world professional children's magic entertainer performing his amazing and signature Halloween effects that have made him one of the most successful children's entertainers in all of Canada. You will see him performing in a real world environment at an elementary school during the week of Halloween. Then sit back and enjoy the explanations and bonus segments. This DVD is nearly two hours in length and is his final release in the children's magic trilogy of his seasonal magic show DVD series. If you ever wanted to see a real professional children's entertainer performing a 100% Halloween tribute show, then you will want to get this DVD. There are plenty of wonderful magic effects to add to your existing show or you can create one from ground up!

Routines included on the DVD:

  • Halloween Rope Trick
  • The Book Of Ghosts
  • The Mummy
  • Blood Ketchup
  • Booberry Batter
  • Helping Hand Thing
  • The Art Of Frankenstein
  • Pumpkin Juice Vanish
  • Grandfather's Spooky Table
PLUS A BONUS SECTION - With other Halloween effects and a cool backstage view at Tony's coffin style Halloween performance case.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 2nd, 2018
(This review is for Halloween Show by Tony Chris - DVD)
THE 9 ROUTINES (35 mins,) in this dvd = presented to children in a school environment, are presented by Tony Chris in a slow, pretentious, flat (no affect) and dull/wooden manner. He is not an actor and expresses no 'dramatic flare'. Although a Canadian he pretends to be an European - Count Dracula himself - by giving himself a soft (!)contrived European accent/voice which is barely audible. Additionally, in 3 of the routines he turns his back on the audience as he searches in his prop box. In his interactions with the one child he invites onto the stage he is formal and bossy. His handling of props is slow because he is careful and considered, rather than very well rehearsed, 'snappy', alert to the surroundings and free in his body. He hampers himself by presenting himself - he explains - within a "gothic" tradition. To the onlooker, he simply appears slow of speech and movement and preteniously self-absorbed within the soft long hair he has chosen.

The dvd includes a so-called 'BONUS' section (25 mins) of Tony Chris showing a display of props he never used in the show !!!.

THE EDUCATIONAL discussion (30mins) in nothing more than Tony Chris displaying the props he DID use in the show.

I found both these sections educationally worthless.
Yer win some-yer loose some. Far, far better value is to be found in 'The Halloween Safety Show' dvd, by Tommy James - magician and educator who, in my view, has an active dramatic/theatrical style of presentation with children; and discusses and demonstrates his props in a manner that allows on-lookers to see how and why they were made the way/s they are. He also has a specialist store on-line.
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