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Metal Bending (World's Greatest Magic) (DRM Protected Video Download)
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In the world of prestidigitation, there are magic tricks . . . and then there's metal bending. Ever since Uri Geller set the imagination of the world on fire by bending silverware with seemingly nothing more than just his mind power, people have been fascinated by this arcane ability. On this video, you'll learn all of the necessary techniques and important subtleties you'll need to be a world-class metal bender from two of the world's most acclaimed experts. Spoons, forks, keys - even nails and railroad spikes - seem to turn to putty in the hands of Richard Osterlind and Banachek and on this volume, they hold nothing back as they demonstrate and teach every vital element. Each effect is taught in minute detail with able assistance from Jim Sisti and Scott Wells. Imagine - no gimmicks or gadgets; just you, a piece of silverware, and a soon-to-be amazed spectator. Learn to bend metal . . . and you'll also be bending minds!

Spoon Bending, Spoon Bend, Cutlery Spray, Spoon & Key Bending, Multiple Key Bending, Spike Bending

Silverware Bend, Bag Method, Spoon Bending, Key Bends 1, 2 & 3, Nail Bends 1, 2 & 3

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 25th, 2017
I have given 5 stars before to some pretty ingenious stuff coming out on the market. But never have I given 5 stars so enthusiastically as I give it to this.

As I watched Uri Gellar on the Merv Griffin show as a kid, he took normal metal objects from people in the audience and turned them into butter. They melted, twisted, and turned while you watched. I thought, "this guy must be the real thing." So thought everybody who witnessed him doing such things at the time.

Later, I took great joy in watching the effect digitally recreated on the Hollywood movie "The Matrix". By then I had learned of the trickery involved in doing this for a live audience. Still the methods I had invested in did not achieve that original believability of Uri's performance.

More methods rolled through my pocketbook, and I tried everything from the simple to the very elaborate. I had seen this DVD for sale in magic shops, but figured it to be very elementary material that wouldn't be useful. After all, if the hardcore professional material I already had didn't do it, there was little chance this beginner level material was going to change anything. I was DEAD WRONG!

Today I purchased the download version from Penguin because nothing else caught my eye. I'm less than half way through the video and I can already tell you, this is THE REAL WORK on metal bending that I have searched for all these years. These methods impeccably taught by two of mentalism's top professional entertainers. Every nuance of the effect is discussed. If you have performance ability, you can put together a routine that will look BETTER to a live audience than the Matrix did on the movie, and it will be BETTER than anything Uri ever did. Now add in a couple of those "high-dollar" gimmicked items, and people will walk away thinking you are the "real thing".

Finally I will be able to build a metal bending routine that I've always dreamed of. I should have made this purchase years ago, and it is probably the best money I have ever spent on magic. 5 stars WAY UP!

Have I mentioned that I haven't even finished the video yet?
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