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Thumb Sucker! by Spencer Tricks
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Smoke your thumb, anytime, anywhere!

ThumbSucker! is one of the most practical smoke devices ever invented. It's simple, tough, and seemingly impromptu. You can perform "Smoking Thumb" anytime, anywhere 1 second after you want to.
ThumbSucker! is safe & easy. It's smoke device with ultimate practicality.
You can perform it on close-up, street, parlor, and even on stage!

Set-up is simple & diabolical. There's no stress on setting up the gimmick. You will forget that you set "ThumbSucker!" with you in everyday life. But you're ready to go in 1 second. Yes, literally, 1 second. You can put the smile on your face on the test conditions.

Just like other releases of SpencerTricks, "ThumbSucker!" is extremely practical.
After you understand the concept, you can make a lot of presentation like filling wine glass with cloud of smoke in a drinking action without your spectators knowing.

The gimmick and handling are polished for pro-use after hundreds of performance. I don't know the smoke device more practical than this. This is my conclusion. The set includes DVD and the parts for building up the ThumbSucker! gimmick. You can get the main part of the gimmick easily. Once you make the gimmick, you can use it for a long time. DVD covers all of the element, gimmick construction, handling, tips, subtleties, refills and everything in English and Japanese.

It's perfect for the opener. You can do the silent presentation, too. No deck of cards, no coins, you got nothing with you. You mime smoking your thumb. They know the mime means Smoking, so their imagination expands. When actual cloud of smoke coming out of your mouth, they got freaked out. Then you can drag them straight into your world. Once you use it, ThumbSucker! is always be with you.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2015
(This review is for Thumb Sucker! by Spencer Tricks)
Okay, so the main gimmick (that's not included) is exactly what you might think it is. You'll actually know right away when you open the dvd case, and see the other props. I'll get to that later.
The dvd itself is self produced of course, and it's just Spencer in his bedroom, explaining it. He does explain it in Japanese, then halfway through the dvd (so you're going to want to skip to about the hallway point), he transitions and starts all over from the intro, to gimmick construction, etc. in English. The explanations were clear, and Spencer seemed like a really nice and humble guy :D. I was just disappointed that the main gimmick didn't come with the dvd. Now, I say this because I feel like the customers have the right to know, the main gimmick could be obtainable, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE 18+ OF AGE. And frankly, I don't think it's 100% safe. Thumb Sucker has potential, and Spencer gave it a good start, but I feel as if the effect wasn't at it's best, and with a little more creativity or just playing around with it, you could actually bring forth something pretty awesome!
This is a pretty good, and pretty cheap (if you don't consider the main gimmick) "smoke device", I could see myself using it. But I think I'll stick with Smoke by Alan Rorrison.
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